How To Make Killer High Heels Comfortable!! Cassandra Bankson

How to make Killer High Heels more comfortable!! Use these tips to dull out the pain!!!

For those who have been asking, the Flats are from Konvine ( and they are 10% off with ‘comfort10’… it might be ‘comfort 10’ i cant remember. Spring Fashion Haul!
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Hope _ says:

Thank you very much for the advice! I only wish your manner of speaking was less chalkboard-scratching and less “show-and-tell” toned.

g.e. g.e. says:

Those back heel pads are horrible! They never stay and hurt my feet even more

Darcy Bomer says:

She is sweet to even offer up her advise.  I own a shoe store and we do these tricks all day ;-).

xRusH NoVa says:

Can you you’s a balloon?

Virve Georgeson says:

Love your enthusiasm but this is an old 2012 video. Since 2015 an insert has been invented for killer heels called Killer Heels Comfort. The inserts are made from shaped shock absorbing soft PORON foam that works by stopping the foot completely from sliding forward or sideways, stopping all foot pain from toes crushing, ball of foot burning or heels gaping. It is a new product that really works – it will eliminate a whole lot of products that were in use in 2012.

It is good advice to make sure you always buy shoes that fit, however if they are a bit too loose the inserts will work very well. I tried the plastic bag ‘trick’ and froze it in a shoe. It does not work at all because the ice expands into the open space in the shoe – upwards – therefore the ice does not try to expand into the toe area of the shoe that is already crowded. Trying to stretch shoes is usually a very bad idea except for a tiny area like a bunion bump. Leather shoes will distort, and plastic shoes go back to being tight. If you wear big socks and get painful feet to stretch your shoes you are damaging your feet and distorting your shoes. The best advice is to BUY SHOES THAT FIT AT THE STORE! IF THEY DON’T FIT WELL & COMFORTABLY DON’T BUY THEM. MOVE ON!

sleepysnoopyseema says:

You say “in addition” too much.

darlingtongirl1 says:

Can you please do a makeup video for this look? I really love it.

Devita Sari says:

i wondering not about your shoes tricks.. but about how to make gorgeous hair like that.. 🙁

St0RM33 says:

No offence you are pretty and all but i don’t know if i would be able to stand your voice even for a single hour :p

Catte Adams says:

Excuse me but why are your feet stinking? Stench?
There’s something wrong with your hygiene if you need to seal your little ballet flats in a bag because of the STENCH.

Virve Georgeson says:

The very best way to provide Killer Heels Comfort since 2015 (I notice your tips were written in 2012) is to outfit your high heels with ” permanent high heel inserts ” that you can find by Googling those words. These inserts were invented by a woman who wears heels, prototyped by a woman who wears heels, product tested by many women who wear heels and found to be the most effective comfort providing inserts to make killer high heels comfortable. Your old high heel hacks are what desperate women turned to when there was nothing better out there.

LessthanThree Productions says:

Love that person running around in the background.

dablackkitten302 says:

Did you ever make a video on how to walk in heels? I’d love to see one if not pleasssseee

Mark C says:

Looks like Howard Sterns wife Beth

Sarah Batra says:


phatg86chevy says:

who are those shoe boots by?

gaviotayrodrigo1 says:

Did anyone else see the guy running down the stairs… twice?

2008MrsKim says:

Where do they sell bags full of plastic water ? Lol’ So cute

Andrijana Pejcinovska says:

You kinda look like Taylor Swift.. 

Angelica Dudas says:

3:18 Am I the only one who saw that?

Sybil Disobedience says:

For ball of foot, I’ve heard taping 3rd & 4th toes together can help with balance & redistribution of weight. Also, wearing moleskin helps prevent foot sliding around in the shoe.

ian nas says:

show us your soles girl

Saba Siddique Momo says:

Why is everyone talking about the guy running on the back and how fast she talks! I think she’s good! English is my second language and I can understand what she said. Be liberal people

Katie Zack says:

You are so pretty !! Thanks for the vid!❤️

lingsto195 says:

show your feet

Lexy s says:

Gorgeous makeup !

Tascha Angela Costumes says:

great tips but I can’t wear heels I tried to wear nine inch in wal-mart I could not walk in them I always see high heels at my work all the time I’m Shoe Shocker at my work (nut at wally world) and some high heels are pretty awesome but I Don’t wear them I seen all types thanks for video

Alyssa Kristine says:

Am I the only one who noticed a man in black clothes run out with a box? 3:18

Kazem Chm says:

No offense, but she is like transgenders.

Dimitri Borozny says:

AVOID WEARING NYLONS, nylons pinch your toes.

B E says:

lol the people running by in the bg at 3:20

Jean Grey says:

Get a ziplock back and fill it with plastic water haahaaaa

Susan Mills says:

nope cant see the golf ball

Born Free94 says:

You have lovely shoes, who ran down your staircase lol!!

beth fitz says:

Bitches if you dont like her voice why the fuck you hating dont watch

Catte Adams says:

Thank you for telling us what the meaning of EXPAND is, I have searched the globe for the meaning of this complicated word, and can now relax..
You rock.

xotasha11ox says:

Where did you get all of those shoe cushions??

Pooja Jawhare says:

u r gorgeous

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