Designer Shoe Collection review – Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Valentino, Gianvito Rossi, Sophia Webster!

Review of my luxury designer shoe collection – 5 brands against 5 criteria. Comfort, Quality, Sizing, Style, Cost. My personal recommendations at the end.

The 5 high heels are:
1. Jimmy Choo Dahlia 120mm/5 inch platform peep toe
2. Christian Louboutin Very Prive 120mm/5 inch platform peep toe
3. Valentino Garavani Rockstud 105mm/4 inch pointed toe
4. Gianvito Rossi Plexi 100mm/4 inch pointed toe
5. Sophia Webster Evangeline 100mm/4 inch sandals



akiyoshidai1231 says:

It’s not the brand’s fault, but yours if they’re uncomfy. For the money you’re paying, better trying them in the store rather than buying them online.

Narnia 13 says:

What a wonderful analysis!!!extremely informative…I am looking to the exact same Gianvito rossi preowned and I don’t have a store near by…we have the same shoe size..I wanted to ask you if you would buy them again would opt for a 37,5?Thank you for the great video!

Zara Kheil says:

Lovely video I’m glad u covered all aspects except the most important of all and that’s sizing

Love Lady Luxe says:

I loved your video, but the sound being cut out was really distracting and interrupted the flow of the video- if the sound was cut out was intentionally maybe for-go that next time. This was an incredibly informative and valuable video!

Diana Arko says:

Hello. I loved, loved the review, but i have one further question. My feet are not narrow, but quite wide. Do you have any tips how to choose the right size if I am about to buy the shoes online. I am interested in Gianvito Rossi.

Anna Kazumi says:

Thanks for making this video! Super informational <3

Mimi_H ShopandTellafterWork says:

This is such a good video!! I like the way you talk too, so calm. Thanks!

Martin Mee says:

do u wear ur high heels to the mall

Forever Heels says:

Hi CMK, for the price you are paying for shoes, the designer should have paid more attention to comfort. When a pair of shoes like the Louboutin’s required 2 weeks to break in, and the resulting shoe is still painful, it means the width is too narrow. Either there is something wrong with the shoe design, or the salesperson failed to recommend a larger size for you. Leather does not stretch indefinitely, so if it is continuously under stress, it will eventually break. The leather on any pair of shoes should only stretch a little. Properly made shoes require little or no break in. It is always wise to find shoes that fit width wise. If the toe box stretches over time, a half size insert in the toe box will remove the extra room. You don’t want to develop irreversible foot problems a few years from now. If you want beautiful shoes that can stay on your feet the whole day, I recommend that you try purchasing shoes from Peter Chu High Heels. You can google it 🙂

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Great vid

birdiebirk says:

Another information jam packed video….love it! As much as I love shoes…I love handbags more only because I just can’t wear super high heels but its so nice to hear about the comfort aspect of some of these brands and your thoughts, as it reinforces what I have heard before. I especially like the “foot binding” comment…….lol :))

Iola Gunn says:

Why are the ‘um’s’ muted

Razan says:

your videos are so informative i love them

Adrian Rami says:

Oh Em Gee how can anyone be so negative towards you you explain everything thoroughly and have napped for comprehensive explanations congratulations you are awesome now I own all of the shoes and have the nerve to buy Stuart Weitzman nudist which will teach you a thing or two about this conflict in the first five minutes what I haven’t had done to my shoes is take moleskin fabric for that really tight ones and have the bottom near the toast light which will keep them steady from moving that’s preventing that excessive toe overlap in the front you can also take Footpedals I believe it’s called they look like little daisies made out of a foamy material put them at the ball of your feet you may have to experiment positioning but it will help your toes from overlapping each other I love peep toe and now I have to buy the Daisy footpedals along with the purchase of the shoe just to keep my toes from doing that any shoe cobbler Will be able to show you that gummy suede like material for your shoe I hope it helps it dose add a little thickness to the inside of the shoe but it helps with the toes and some of the pain on the ball of your foot

Nicole Ashley says:

This is a great video!! Nicely done

CCeleste says:

This needs to be cut into mini size split up in terms of editing. 40mins is too long like more then a show and very mono when listening. Bite size is better to keep the interest.

Maria Koroma says:

The Christian Louboutin heels are very uncomfortable

Audrey Dujardin says:

OR you could get snug shoes and add insoles then when it’s super hot outside. you take it out and they don’t hurt! 😀

Embrace Grace says:

What a great informative video. I’m considering all of those brands and it really helped, thank you!

Daniele Ivanauskaite says:

Amazing review, very helpfull!

heidi foss says:

Interesting video! Thank you!

DJColdCuts says:

Hi! Thank you for the video 🙂 You are very knowledgable and you were very thorough. I need your help please. I am thinking about the gianvito rossi shoes but I am unable to come to terms with the high price point for what is a majority, plastic shoe. What do you think of the Aquazzura Frankie pumps as compared to the Gianvitto Rossi ones? I wanted something timeless but I felt more comfortable getting the Frankie pumps because at least there was less PVC 🙂 looking forward to your thoughts! I still have time to return them and am still thinking of whether I should just get the gianvito rossi pvc ones. Thank you!

mimi bobo says:

Hi, great video! For the gianvito rossi plexi pumps, if i have narrow feet and high arch do u recommend i go down 1/2 size or full size. Would be grateful for ur opinion, thank you!

Sasha Hartleb says:

I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only person who has Christian Louboutin problems!! I am so impatient when it comes to breaking them in. I use a shoe stretcher. This is a great video. thanks!!

Maria Koroma says:

Honestly I don’t know how wide my feet are. how do I check it? please let me know if I need to go to a shoe store.

Maria Koroma says:

please tell me a bit about Sofia Webster I have been looking to buy one. Cause it looks stunning

abraham reza says:

Me gusta mucho tu colección de zapatos CMK!.

ExcelAndBeExcellent says:

It’s OK to say “umm” sometimes. No need to cut it out.

Maria Koroma says:

Ok thanks for the info for on the Sofia Webster.

Mimi Flys says:

great video, so helpful 🙂 Im currently trying to ‘bed in’ my sophia webster’s and the pain is intense! x

Sparkle Creations by Tyyon says:

Hello, So love this video too! Just assuming I can apply the same tips to buying and selling luxury shoes as in your video of buying and selling luxury bags? Any suggestions particularly to buying and selling luxury shoes. Oh and I love that your videos are longer. Great work. So appreciated!


Shoe Collection Try-on?

ka-ti-ana says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this video. It is very helpful

Maria Koroma says:

well my second time wearing it. I will say it a bit better. But the next day my feet hurt so bad.

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