ASMR Style Haul, Dressin Review. Walking in High Heels, Soft Spoken & Binaural Whisper

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Hi, guys and gals! This video is sort of embarrassing. I thought it was really cool until I started editing it and I realized that I looked like Bigfoot in heels walking around the forest! Anyway, please forgive my serious lack of modeling skills. Regardless of that, these dresses are really cute and it gave me the excuse to do a HIGH HEEL SOUNDS video for you guys! I know a couple of you really enjoy the clicking sounds of walking in heels, so I have provided that for you in this video. Feel free to not watch and listen instead, if that suits you better, haha.

In this mid-length ASMR video you will find asmr trigger sounds including fabric sounds, soft speaking, binaural commentary/review, high heel sounds, some mouth sounds, visual asmr (maybe, unlikely), and that is pretty much it. It is a focused trigger video, and I hope you will enjoy it! I have a Japanese candy video coming up next, and then hopefully another role play and some more trigger videos! If you have a request for a trigger video, please mention it below. Thank you!

Thumbs up if you spot a cat. Just kidding. ^_^ Enjoy!


Tine W says:

nice apartment!

thrashmetalmike says:

I would give my legs just for one night with her lol

Capricornio 7 says:

Very fashion, good. Kisser fron Brasil

Iván Petróvich Ványa says:

U are the girl of my dreams, please MARRY ME!! I really in love whith you.

brookebeary says:

Will you please do the cha cha slide in only one high heel challenge?

Hayato the Sky Gamer says:

Just… Wow !

Tom says:

Loved this! please more maybe whispering?

zengrasshoppa says:

nice work. i think it would be more relaxing without the commentary though. love all the natural background sounds & the heels on the wood floor is phenomenal. any other vids like this in the works ?

Kilgore Trout says:

Adorable, sweet looking lady with very tasteful clothing….quite a package

Baghuul says:

We want a panty try on vid!!

iLLynch says:


luca nicolussi says:

Nice look great heels too ur lovely

Lenka says:

You look lovely!

L Burns says:

Great video Brittany! Fun! I’m really enjoying your style haul videos 🙂

AyEsEmAr says:

1st dress, the super long black one, and the houndstooth one were the best I think.

BigHeartedMan65 says:

First off thank you for having HIGH STANDARDS in what you wear and how you wear it . I love that you enjoy wearing longer skirts and dresses . There is no need for the Rude comments nor is there a reason to show off your naked body here on YouTube . Like we say at church . Your Body is a Temple , NOT A visitor center ..

The first dress you wore would be Great to go out to dinner with someone you know very well and care for . It would be a Treat for your date just like the 2nd one you show . It fits you very well and is a dress where you get out of the car , walk in to see the show or have dinner and then go back … You did wear it really well ..  the 3rd one(Pink) you could of gotten away wearing black leather thigh high boots under . I think it would of worked because of the long shear bottom . The 4th one is very nice  but you need to add some 6″ platform Black Patent Heels and they would of worked well with that dress . AND you could of used them for some of your other dresses . The RED Dress looked GREAT on you and White Heels would of gone with it well .. The Black Dress was a cute everyday type of dress . To wear to work or on a date . Black Leather Heels would of looked nice with them ..

Thank you for Sharing ..

Jimin has no Jams and J-Hope hates Snakeu says:

2:07 Isn’t there a dress like that in the Sims 3 expansion pack, Into the Future? xD

NbAlIvEr100 says:

Groban likes his ladies to pop! BTW, you are smoking hot!! That black one at the end…YHAUSS!

SelinaCatalina says:

Who’s that stylish young lady? LOL Gurl, you’re SUPER classy in this video! Throughout this video I was doing my Kelly *FASHION SHOW AT LUNCH* voice. ^_^ WOW, I love the black and pink lace dress! Sashay with the dress darling. Okay, the red dress and houndtooth hands down are my favorite ones on you! Even though you don’t really like to show your body contour, I think it makes you look super classy. In a respectable vintage look that is. xoxo
YES! More videos like theses in future sweetheart! It’s so fun to watch them. :3

yiuqwfj says:

Do you have Asian roots?

labobo says:

8:34 that dress would fit well to go topless in.

Christopher Amarillas says:

“I hope you’re doing extremely well today” damn brittany

Melanoma says:

You have a refreshing voice and a genuine personality 🙂 Perfect for ASMR

santarget says:

Dangling or shoeplay please

Filton Kingswood says:

Very nice. I know i will probably get called a sexist pig but to me ladies look better in dresses, I hate seeing the women folk in jeans, trousers and those god awful yoga pants.

Jens K. says:

Very smart.

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