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Victor Moregore says:

Epic boot! They even rival Jeffrey Campbell!

Linnxanbjd says:

i liked the shoes until i saw the pricetag ^^’ 300$???? wat da fakkkk?

Angel Nightmare says:

I love your tastes in shoes

Paula T says:

I want them!

Chillpillowcase says:

Sorry if it’s annoying to ask again but, would you consider doing a full makeover with Holly where you put each other in your styles ??

kisatiger13666 says:

Hella rad boots holy shit

Tiix3 says:

Suzzyyy you need some leg tattoos, girl. You’d look fab

Tammie Marie says:

Wow, those booties are hot, I love ’em! <3

Are they heavy or anything with all that metal?

Dragon Dea says:

dang you could murder someone with those…… I like ’em 🙂 hahah

Princess Peach says:

Suzy’s so cute with her little stompy stomps. And yeah, those heels are boss

Michaela Woolley says:

Not gonna lie… THEY ARE FRICKIN’ AMAZING! I need them!! 😛 If only my bank balance agreed with me 😉

Tony Davis says:

JEEZ! That is metal looking Boots/heels(?) I wouldn’t be surprised if that kind of footwear was in a Cyberpunk film.

KaoruKat says:

Boi everybody! XD cute

Catherine Wong says:

Ah! They’re so fun. I wouldn’t know what to wear with them, though.

Chantal Walton says:


Cameron Moore says:

I would love to see a what’s in my purse and monthly favorites videos from Suzy!! 🙂

Ian Jones says:

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, those are metal. Figuratively and literally. They look all “Waaaaaarrioooooors, come out to PLAAAAAAAAAAAY-AAAAAAAAAAAY~”

CherryEpidemic says:

I didn’t even notice the heel until you pointed it out, that’s so wild. I took a peek at their website and I am totally floored. Their boots and heels are so unique, I just wish my wallet could handle it. I have their sale page bookmarked now…

Brandon Dodge says:

Ya!!! Badass shoes!!!

Ryxque says:

>looks at hades footwear site.
>finds the pair Suzy has.

Looks like I gotta get me some of dat YouTube money.

Pippa Darling says:

Love these shoes!

Delsin Rowe says:

I would love to get these but I’m far from a master at heel wearing

Ingrid Cristina says:

This shoe costs 300$. I would never be able to buy one. I can’t even buy one that costs 60$, imagine this one…

zeoalexo says:

My first thought upon seeing the shoes:

“What the fuck?”

Demonic Pikachu says:

tem shoes are THICK

Mae Lapsus says:

that entire line of shoes is my new favourite!!! so cute!!

Maverick Vixen says:

Is anyone else in love with the metal plating cuz it looks like the Naruto headband, or is it just me? ^_^ very unique find and love ur sweet personality! pls keep vids coming!

Noah Mcnair says:

The are so cool show Arin grump

Aoreena Eden says:

do they make a lot of noise when walking around, Suzy? please and thank you!


not surprised with the $300 price tag- you are paying for good quality and obviously they are. I wouldn’t trust any shoe company that tried to sell shoes that looked like that for under $200.

Nutella Rain says:

I need to get these shoes! Am a little in awe

Donald Nesbit says:

I bought a pair of their claw heel shoes and there was a broken claw. not only that but the metal on the heel is like a cast. it’s hollow and is out over the heel.

Haley says:

Would you say you,fell head over heels

13thmoon says:

Really loving the minimal makeup — its a nice change! You look great in any makeup style

Gabriel Albuquerque says:


Ellen Larson says:

Great-looking shoe! And I like the new music; very sweet and spunky at the same time 🙂

I VisiBomb I says:

How do you walk with these? And how do they not scare the shit out of people around you?

Skelly says:


wethech says:


Audrey P. says:

I need like, all of your shoes
and clothes
and everything
It’s all just so perfect <3

EhRealCanadianGirl says:

I’ve never been so scared of footwear…

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