Wear and Tear Review: Christian Louboutin 100mm Pumps Protect Your Pumps (HD)

Requested by Sidrah Jane! Briefly review my CL heels and protect your pumps stickers. The stickers will peel off your red bottom!!! (watch the video to get more details!)

http://www.protectyourpumps.com/ (this is the sole protection product) use “COKAR” to get 15% off

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JESBOY says:

Congrats on your Christian Loboutin purchase.

mybabybookpage says:

You are the owner, you should damage it!  LOL  I love your videos and our taste are so similar.  

luxuryandlipgloss says:

oh my goodness, I was cringing when you started to pull them off!! I’m glad you didn’t peal it off completely though!
I can’t believe how well they preserve the sole though – those shoes are amazing:)

sweettooth leo says:

Thank you girl!! We all gonna leave ours on from now on I think haha

Shantastic1206 says:

You could probably use steam to take the sticker off easily. Boil some water and use the steam to easily remove the sticker… Just a suggestion for anyone else that may want to remove their sticker.

Someday Shabby says:

Your shoes are beautiful sweetie.

Michele Lam says:

can the stickers use on Hermes Oasis sandals?

Susanna Poysti says:

I am thinking about buying Louboutins someday and are there any other ways to protect the soles? If I do not protect them then will the red color rub off quickly?

Kangkang Wang says:

If you try by heating with hair dryer, the sticker will be taken off perfectly.

Fran B says:

Try lubricating with oil while removing the sticker

harleen brar says:

Sooo sad that your red buttom came off

Tahira Malik says:

Have you considered just adding another sticker on top of the existing sticker for increased protection?

chaitealatte91 says:

Thank u for sharing this amazing review.
CL has been my dream shoes but I dont know if I will ever get one since I am already 178cm tall T.T… I know CL heels come in different height but I would still be 185cm or taller with CL heels on.

So then I thought about getting CL flats but ….. whats the point if it’s not showing the sexy red bottom in the back.
(Of course flats r in red sole but u have to lift ur feet to see the bottom from the back )
Ai ya…..

DncnLdy says:

I’m very sad for you, but thank you for being brave for your viewers to inform us of the effects ;,(

luvleecute says:

hi, nice video and shoes! is the sticker slippery at all on smooth tiles or similar surfaces? maybe a good idea to have two layers on the toe area? have you tried other brands of sole protectors? if yes, which worked the best? i need one for my kitten heel valentine cage shoes. I;m concerned about the toe tips 🙂 thanks.

Ella May says:

Would love to see a shoe collection video! Love your shoes!

handbaglvr says:

That’s just terrible. Do you think you could pay to have the soles replaced? I was going to put a screen saver on my new eva clutch on the gold plaque in the front but now I’m thinking I might not.

DncnLdy says:

I just purchased the Cornielle 100 mm and was suggested to apply the Zagg tablet screen protector….. Maybe you can see if this is a better option, as it uses a spray solution to apply, and if wet enough re spray to remove?

MsBeautifulhoney19 says:

has anyone tried using Zagg & peeling it off?

Majid Sharifkhah says:

put some heat with your hair dryer before take off the sticker 

Tasari says:

lovely shoes love the painting in background!!

diywithsusy Z says:

Who cares about haters be you girl your fabulous love the video♡♡♡♡♡

LiveLoveFaith Ful says:

Yes! You gave an ole nice nasty read! Forget the Internet bullies! Loved your video!

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Thank you for the review.  Those shoes are fabulous 🙂

SuRyKiKy says:

Ahhh i want one!

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