Splurge or Steal Aquazzura Wild Thing vs Ivanka Trump Hettie Review

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➥ Ivanka Trump Hettie: http://bit.ly/1WcpV2K

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➥ Go Jane Girly Gossip: http://bit.ly/1mxsL64
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JohnBoehners says:

Like Father like daughter…. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? Donald Tfrump has refined the Art of the Con & it looks as if his daughter is following in his footsteps. Companies like Aquazzura spend BIG money on these designs, only to be ripped off by cheap little con artists like the Tfrump’s who change a thing or two and profit from the originals hard work and market building. I hope Aquazzura sue’s the shoes off Ivanka Tfrump! Once a lair – always a liar.

Anastasia McWilliams says:

Are both of them the same size? I heard Aquazurra shoes tend to run large.

Right Up Ur Ally says:

I don’t personally purchase Ivanka Trump’s shoes: It’s a personal choice. However, something must be said about shoes in general: NO designer shoe is worth the amount they charge. If you go to Italy and even Brazil (two countries where they make the best shoes in the world and where power house brands have their shoes manufactured), you can find comparable quality (design, craftsmanship, and material-wise) for a fraction of the price. Regarding design, everyone in the world of fashion (including the big names) has been using “inspired” ideas since the dawn of humanity (Michael Kors is the king of copying famous designs and has just acquired Jimmy Choo – a 1st class shoe company). And actually, this is not only restricted to fashion: great writers, composers, and entrepreneurs have been copying one another for centuries, but they call it (borrowing ideas). If you think you should save your money, Posh Classy Mom, save your money. If it’s not a fake, life is short: buy the shoes.

Bob lf2004 says:

sexy feet !!

Sarah _ says:

Great video! I love my Ivanka Trump Hettie sandals and although they are very similar I still choose them over Aquazzura Wild Thing. (:

Dwightinho56 says:

I have had the red “Wild Thing” Aquazzuras since they first launched. The steep price is not for the look but for the immaculate craftsmanship and materials in every little detail and stitch. Cannot be compared, you have to touch, feel and wear. A bit fed up with the fact that Ivanka Trump base a lot of her design lines (not only shoes) by knocking off famous brands and their copyrighted designs and artists. Valentino’s famous Rockstud design is just another one she has taken great advantage of to her own benefit for years. Could just as well buy a cheap fake from China, the result is the same: stealing (in this case art, Aquazzura is in a league of their own and some of their designs are pure art). If you want to look the part go for the real deal, at least that’s my humble opinion.

fernando says:

guessing you record this on your phone .
video quality is ok
sound is .. not good
some phones support external mic while video recording for better audio.
great video explaining the differences in these sandals

Dinah Yow says:

Thank you for making this video. I think Aquazurra looks more refine.

Tony Pizzi says:

I like the IT design better. Good review video, thanks for making it.

Deidre Rene says:

Great find!!
Would you say that the I.T. ones run true to size?

bigbono12 says:

The Trumps are morally depraved, empty, crooked, spiritually deformed people. It’s a sad day for America that they now represent the country nationally.

Charly Maher says:

Ivanka and her affiliated management team did certainly copy that design 100%. She’s cute but still a professional thief and justice needs to be served.

Joshua Rivers says:

I love the Aquazzura Wild Thing to me they are very comfortable heck I haven’t had any foot pain wearing them, I.T on the other hand. should be ashamed, just….not cool man.

Charles Russo says:

U don’t make 100, 000 , 000 fr Wall St by doing the right thing
Only corrupt politicians make that much $$$
For giving 30min speeches

vtp says:

Great video! How comfortable are the IT heels? Thinking about wearing them to a wedding lots of dancing!

PGQ4 says:

I actually prefer Ivanka’s stolen version. It has more length around the ankles and the larger heel is better for the ankles. Since Ivanka already publicly stated “There’s not a shoe I’m not intimately involved in designing,” she’s either guilty or a liar. However, I think it’s a good looking ripoff and at over $130 for leather straps and an insole, is not likely to fall apart in a month.

Panglu says:

Great comparison. I’ve had my eye on the Aquazzara heels for a while but the Ivanka Trump is nearly identical. IT wins hands down.

Tran Nguyen says:

Do you wear a 37 (7) in both I.T and Aquazzura? 🙂

Charles Russo says:

They didn’t smash 13 cell phone
Bleach their server
Del 3300 emails
Steal furniture fr the WH.
And attack woman that her husband attacked
That’s morally corrupt

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