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rose dickerson says:

you turned the comments off on your vlog. whats the point if you not letting subscribers comment?

Storm Makaveli says:

Damn .. what the hell does she do?

Shawana K. says:

Cute but I wish we would stop wearing slides as part of an ensemble. They’re adorable for around the house though. Nice haul!

Brian Baggett says:

Learn how to pronounce the shit before you buy then.


Glo Chanelle says:

can you’ll watch my videos please &&thank you. great vid Posh!

Cat Tor says:

I don’t understand…Where is your son ?

Shanika Beard says:

Hey guys I’m new here ! Can someone tell me what kind of business she has ,I wish I could afford this shit lol

Jacob Nelson says:


Midwest Kandi says:

Boots that hurt? That’s messed up.

King Queen says:

Show receipts and I’ll believe you

King Queen says:

Ya bottom teeth were yellow as fuck in that last blog hence why you disabled comments. This shoe haul is just as fake as your body, personality and several failed business attempts. Ppl only watch because your a train wreck and a fraud. Stop stealing ppl money and scamming a lifestyle you obviously can’t afford. Focus on keeping up with your rent instead of the Joneses boo you looking crazy out here.

Don 88 says:

Doesn’t she look like N Minaj in this pic? Wow!!!

Denise Jay says:

Hey I enjoy watching your videos. Everyone has to start from somewhere with you tube I imagine. Turn the negative into constructive criticism start writing out what you want to say to avoid grammar errors & I prefer less videos with your man and pranks.

kallmeRich #MLB says:

where did u get the fur slippers

Bambi Virgo says:

We wanna see try on hauls and outfit ideas

LeanDrea's World says:

i am not hating but am i the only one who NEVER EVER see the link on the screen when she say they gonna be there? maybe my computer have a block on popup links in videos……dwl….posh the best im here for jokes……

Evanna Castaneda says:

Damn I got to come alll the way over here to see comments…I hate that YouTube allows you tubers to disable mannnn able that shit

huntingtonparkway says:

Who is she looking at

Stace_Elaine418 says:

Nice. Thanks for sharing

Nicole SANders says:

Do you ever follow up on anything . All your business ventures never finish

Happy EverAfter says:

Fake it until you make it. I see you girl ☕

Fashionably Late says:

Love this haul. Excited to see the beauty on a budget one also. Btw loving the natural makeup look

FatandFierce says:

Are the ‘wing’ shoes called ‘Cruel Summer’

ProductJunkie7 says:

Dang why my feet so big lol can’t borrow nothing; (

Blaise Joelle says:

The fact that she ain’t link a damn thing on the screen

Melly Monroe says:

people come on here to hate basically.. she is a new youtuber give her sum time i can see the progress..she has came a long way..posh you are an inspiration i have definitely took sum ideas from you an incorporated them into my ideas and goals…hope to meet you one day when i come back to atlanta…much love — MELLY M.

Coco Bean says:

Quit touching your hair

AJ James says:

Do a bikini haul

Bree Trevillison says:

I’m mad the links didn’t pop up so I could shop /: videos are getting better posh. I always look at the view finder too lol but look into the camera now

Aareon Henry says:

Posh the damn scammer beauty. Smh. Karma is coming for you. Remember that sweetheart. Just like you remember to fuck up that damn highlighter on your damn nose….every fucking time.

Mor-Gan's says:

I would LOVE to see your best hair looks that you’ve done throughout the years.

Joseph Luna says:

Most of the shit she was showing is fake… y’all dumb asf.

rebbaca bradford says:

Lol are people jealous

Simply Kash says:

woaaaah that intro!

Scarlett Red says:


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