Reviewing $5,000 Jimmy Choo Shoes! | MY WEDDING HEELS

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Jeremiah 29:11


Janii Kadow says:

shoes on your food desk girl are u serious?

Sweet Tips1218 says:

Looks like Pam anderson

Tara Miller says:

shoot – I get made when I pay over $50 for a pair… lol

nicholas cicchillitti says:


Chrissy Page says:

Holy shit balls batman

Physics Only says:

shes gotten more back on ebates in 3 years than i make in 3 years

Highest Rated Channel says:

I wanna talk to u

TheMantaRae says:

beautiful. love sis’s dress!!!!!!

purpledragonfly4 says:

Cinderella? Did you eat her AND the ugly step sisters?

le archipel says:

They have a similar shoes for €20 on “Wish” and I am gonna buy it for my wedding just because I saw your review! I bet it is gonna be different but I dont have lots of money lol

Sam Sum says:

5 grand for shoes?

That’s such a joke.

Sam Sum says:

If that was my mum she would slap me for wasting my money.

Charlotte Hulewicz says:

their ugly to mee

Amber A says:

I think I found my purpose in life lol

larhonda burger says:

The wedding shoes for the wedding she doesn’t have planned yet because she doesn’t have a boyfriend… oh Trish.

Jazlyn Syvret says:

Why do the expensive things always have super fake and tacky looking gems on them…

Laura S. says:

Stripper convention?

Kelly Tromans says:

im poor

Noelle Osenga says:

Where is your sisters dress from ??!

Kevonna Whittaker says:

Aye trisha you need to make more kid friendly videos in every video your boobs or anything have to be out thats a issue what if kids are watching this. Actions speak better then words

Dee J. says:

what is this? cousin it in drag?

Amber A says:

and your first outfit suits you girl! it’s cuute

Franny B says:

She’s getting married? I wasn’t notified lol

Gatica says:

Aww I wanted to see them on. Maybe a little walking clip.

Tara Miller says:

seriously, I would have them scuffed up and broken the same day.

chanel Gez says:

No way id pay that for a pair of shoes at that price id be scared to ware them

Abbalon says:

Why does she look like a Chucky doll ??? I can’t even focus on the shoes her face is scaring the fuck out of me

Vicktoriya Hayes says:

brown face …eeww

julia fedorcuk says:

“I love you Jesus”

Deja Johnson says:

Already bought her wedding heels and I’m over here wearing 10 year old winter boots.

Courtney Alexander says:

I can’t get past your eyebrows. 🙁 They’re so crooked.

cazqab says:

Don’t like the shoes yuck

adri dom says:

5000 dollars would allow me to lease a house lol

samec velez says:

I just bought a 2009 Toyota Yaris for $5,000. They’re gorgeous tho…

Victoria Hill says:

Don’t feel guilty, if you can afford to spend $5,000 dollars on a pair of incredible shoes that you love, then I say go for it!!!! You deserve them!!!

Victoria Ella says:

For 5K is shouldve came with a glass case to display them.

Amber Nichole says:

geez. They’re so pretty!

Eileen LeValley says:

I see the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The mother looks like a stripper.

Alexis DeVille says:

Show big are your feet what Size? They seem quite large?

Katerina Stetkova says:

Sure, thats Sowarski…… I would sugest its SWAROWSKI ?

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