PolyGel: Acrylic Artist’s Review

Suzie finally has some PolyGel to play with! Using the Gelish PolyGel Master Kit, Suzie tries PolyGel for her first time, exploring how this product compares to using Acrylic or Gel – she even tests a French Design.

This video is not sponsored by Gelish, they generously gave Suzie the PolyGel Master Kit for her to test out.

Products featured in this video:

Gelish PolyGel Masterkit


LECHAT Perfect Match Metallux
Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer


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Norma Liliana Cordoba says:

Me encanta Susie una capa

Marianne Murray says:

When I get gels, my nail beds burn under the light if the gel is too thick. How do you figure this produce will fare?

Nicole Gatewood says:

Suzie, would you consider this a good thing for beginners?

Savvylip says:

This stuff looks amazing. I love all of her videos. She’s the best.

Ella Banks says:

I ship Suzie and Cameraman so hard

Erin Kendrick says:

You should bring Jenna Marbles over to your channel and do her nails.

Anya M. Rocha says:

Ooooooooooooo. I know what’s going on my Christmas list. I’ve stopped using acrylic because it cures too fast for my fiddling, and gel always tends to pool at the cuticle line no matter how far away I place it. Plus I hate filing, I hate that my arms get so tired, and the dust gets everywhere. I’m also so picky about my shape, I mean SOOO picky I have taken like 8 hours to do acrylics and like 6 or so with gel. This will definitely allow me to shape to perfection BEFORE curing, allowing very minimal filing. Thanks for showing this to us Suzie.

Miranda Baxter says:


Gina M says:

Suzie, would this be a good beginner product for trying nail enhancements? I do my own gel nail polish just on my natural nails, but I watch your videos and would really like to try out something like this!

Yun says:

please buff my nails ;-;

Yvonne Tomassetti says:

I went to the website for poly gel kit and I didn’t see any price or order page can you please help me out here!

Kim says:

I’ve never done fake nails before but I might just try this!!! How is the removal process? How long does it last?

Iyana Donaldson says:

Can you pinch poly gel like you can with acrylic

Monica says:

I have acrylics on now and want to try the polygel. Should I just tell the tech to remove the acrylics? Or what to do?

Susan Braddy says:

LOve love it

Sandy Han says:

suzie and cameraman #couplegoals!!

Allison Coon says:

Can you try Sheba gelcrylic system next? It’s like gel mixed with acrylic polymer.

Ashe323D says:

Jenna should’ve done this lol

Sofia Elpiadou says:

i bought dis PolyGel set after I watch dis video I can’t wait to do my nails…

glauciene sabino says:

onde compro
Gel Gelish

qban891 says:

oh wow that’s just amazing!! I think that I should opt for the poly gel instead of acrylic. I do my own nails ( I am not a professional it’s just one of my beloved hobbies) I have a toddler and doing acrylic takes so much time but the poly gel looks like it would cut down the time I spend doing my nails with a much more flawless result!

Rochelle Nilson says:

Man its crumbly

IDoHairIDoNails says:

New subbie,wow I do acrygel nails I think this will wrk great for me tfs hun

Santie Malan says:

Beautiful. We could we buy this product.

Tracie Brown says:

Love your videos making me want to start doing nails again

Sara High says:

Lmao I don’t read ingredients

Queen DK says:

Suzie idk why I love watching your videos at night? It’s so informative and your voice is amazing I fall asleep and when I wake up I pick up where I left off it’s amazing lol love your work

Sandra Jo says:

I love polygel!!!

versacesugarmama says:

does suzie do actual nails on paying customers? i def need to know!

Priscilliana Acosta says:

I just…want my nails to look like hers. Like now. Like…Please.

chantal nunez says:

How to order?

ThePrincessBabbit says:

I’m here because of Jenna Marbles tried gel, and I wanted to see what the original videos were. Lol

Felipe D says:

“This is a stICKER”

Idaa2005 says:

Can you make ∞ video there you testing wish’s acrylic and nail building stuff and like tell us how well it worked and how long it hold?

Eden Todd says:

To be fair, they didn’t advertise the Natural Clear to be “clear.”

Amanda Christiana says:

Does anybody know how to actually purchase the kit on their website?

Lychee The Fruit says:

What if camera man’s name is Cameron

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