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Today I’m sharing my updated shoe collection – clearly, I have a bit of an (embarrassing) obsession. Links to everything featured are below! x



Everlane day glove review:
Everlane v slingback review:
Everlane editor slingback review:
Everlane v heel review:

J Crew white criss cross sandals (size US9.5) – OR
Everlane buckle sandals* (size US9.5) –
Jo Mercer black sandals* (EU40) –
Country Road slingback flats (EU40) (old) – (similar)
Paul Andrew slingback flats – OR
Everlane editor slingback flats* (US9.5) –
Everlane v-slingback flats* (US9.5) –
Everlane day glove* (US9.5) –
Porselli ballerina flats –
St Agni rust suede sandals (EU39) – OR
Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sophie sandals (EU40) – OR
Everlane heel sandals* (US9.5) –
Loeffler Randall blush heel sandals (US9) (old) –
Chloe black mules (EU40) – OR
Vince Camuto leopard print sandals (US9) –
Common Projects Sneakers – OR
FRANKiE4 Jackie sneakers* –
Adidas Stan Smiths – OR
Boden leopard print sneakers* (EU40) –
Vaneli two-tone pumps (US9) – OR
Everlane V heels (US9.5) –
Mansur Gavriel gingham pumps (EU40) – OR
Dior grey suede d-ring pumps (EU40) –
Linea Paolo blush leather pumps (US9) –
Everlane day high heels* (US9.5) –
Jo Mercer black leather buckle boots (EU40) –

Sportsgirl ruffle sleeve top (old) – OR OR (sky blue)
Reliquia earrings –


Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation, Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour, Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm, MAC Eyeshadow, Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Eyeliner, YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara, Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Eutrophic Strobe Light, Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Amoreux

Canon G7X Mark II –
Canon 5D Mark III –
40mm Lens –
Soft box lighting –
DJI Phantom 4 Drone – OR

Please feel free to contact me via email on or send me mail to the following address; Sydney South Post Shop, PO Box A521, Sydney NSW 1235

Where is your clothing rack from?
I bought this from Freedom Furniture – I believe that they may still have similar styles but I’ve had this for quite a while now!

What do you do for work?
I work as a Publicity and Communications Executive in the Television Industry.

How tall are you?
I’m 5’8” or approx 172cm tall.


Ali V. says:

Common Projects sneakers are THE BEST! I’d highly recommend them (although I don’t have experience with the platform varieties; just the standard soles), as they are so comfortable, and wear beautifully.

kwhiteable says:

The cut away is Everlane V Heels is at 17:15 – 17:31

Celina B says:

I have such a weakness and love for shoes as well. I’ve purchased even more than you 😉 Love your collection. I have the Vince Camuto leopard print heels (also in black patent leather) and love them. They are incredibly comfortable and quite flattering on the feet. I find that style shoe to go so well with dresses and skirts in particular. I fell in love with your Vaneli two-tone pumps in grey/black and ended up finding them online (about 6 weeks ago) at DSW for $39.99, which is a ridiculously cheap price for these quality shoes. I don’t think they are available there anymore though. I also have the editor slingback flats in black and find them to be pretty awesome and stylish. I agree that the strap loosened up quite a bit but I’m still able to wear them comfortably. They look great with ankle pants and with jeans and elevate the outfit with its modern shape. It is such a shame that so many of the Everlane shoes are made for narrow feet. Keep up the great content 🙂

Susan Schafer says:

Hi Jamie, You have an amazing shoe collection. I love the Diors and Chloes. And I really like the Everlanes too. I have so many shoes and my feet have changed so most don’t fit. I’m going to have to get a whole new shoe wardrobe and I thought I might start with some of the Everlans. They seem very classic and versatile. I love the shoes I have and am sad they don’t fit, but it’s always nice to get new shoes haha. Loved the video xo, SS

Tira Shuford says:

I loved all of sling-back shoes. You have a nice classic shoe collection.

MkChic7 says:

I’m a shoe girl as well 🙂 love the vaneli, Dior, everlane slingbacks and the frankie4 sneakers. I got the vaneli and everlane shoes based on your recommendations!

shoeboxenterprises Linda says:

Love Jo Mercer shoes. Quite affordable and yet they last (in my experience. My classic black winter boots come out season after season). To be gifted Jo Mercer shoes – gosh! You’ve made it hehe! Congrats and thanks for the shoe update!

Dan_GD says:

Shoes are my weakness too. Right now I’m obsessed trying to find the perfect black shoe, mid-low heel to wear with formal pants >^_^<. Those Dior slingbacks are just gorgeous, by the way.

Helen L S says:

You’re shoes are one of the reasons I love following you! That and the fact you’re a bunion babe, just like me haha!

Ms Bond says:

well the good way to look at it is…you only had 20 bad days in the past year. not bad 🙂 Love your vlogs and style.

Marifer Natera says:

Yes, 20 is a lot but i think is still reasonable, i think i own a few more and i have like 5 more pairs in my wishlist lol i need to declutter and use more the ones i love

Freefalling into grace says:

I made it all the way to the end of the video! x) Loved all of them, but those new Chloe slides with those gorgeous golden tree heels are a piece of art!! Congrats on your purchase, and hope they are super comfy. I also loved the orthopedic sneakers – they look minimal and elegant. Just the right amount of nuance. Thank you, Jamie. Please ask your pets to do an occasional cameo – love seeing them. Hope you are enjoying your new house.

Genevieve says:

i have the Common Projects and I have been trying really hard to wear them in… they give me blisters every time! They’re also really squeaky so i’ve had to oil them. I’m not ready to say I don’t like them but…. I wonder how other people feel!

Arabella Magnolia says:

Like that you are honest about your critique of the shoes

Claudia coy says:

I have over 100 and yes, I wear all of them. .. and no, I don’t feel guilty.

Brenda Moreno says:

I love shoes they are the best I could ever own

ingrid says:

Hello bella deara! lol! Thinking about your vlogs when shopping has helped me in the past and is still helping me now I want you to know, even though I’m probably near your Mum’s age, I’m trying to sleek out my wardrobe, not buy so much without thinking, and modify my style to more classic and timeless. Yes, there’s an inner Barbie in me, but at my age, I have to know when to give in to that and when to resist that. Pink pearls yes, pink handbag yes, pink blouse and pants ensemble, no. Athough I found an awesome hot pink cashmere jacket thrifting lately, thinking about styling that later when it’s cooler here in CA! Thank you so much for your vids. I bought a sleek black tote bag, with your advice in mind and it looks awesome, by Calvin Klein, not too much dangling off, etc. which looks so tacky. Once upon a time, I thought that was cute! NO more! You’re a style inspiration~! Keep up the good work and hugs from So. Cal. xo speaking of shoes: yes, I’ve worn the most beautiful and stylish shoes when I was your age, (your shoes at 13.22 are gorgeous) not anymore nor do I have an occasion for heels being retired, except maybe to Church, why not? And now I have a bunion on my left big toe and only wear loafers pretty much now with gel insoles, hahah so warning, your old age is coming, it’s no fun in some areas like feet! 24.35 are exactly shoes I would have worn at your age, but you can’t walk in them! I suppose you walk from car to office, a real difference. IF you’re running around after kids, you need to walk, run, etc. BTW are you and Luke planning a family anytime soon? Hope so! xox

trans am says:

Would you be interested in selling any of your highheels very interested in a few pairs reply back thanks great collection

Eleni Poulos says:

I counted my shoes and I have close to 50. Yikes. I need to do a major clear out this weekend. The sad part is I only wear two of them only. I LOVE the Chloe shoe.

Jaebird TV says:

Those Chloe black mules are gorgeous!

itsanjuhlli says:

Have you found the vaneli slingbacks’ elastic/straps to loosen as you’ve worn them? And did they require breaking in?

W says:

I really want a pair of Common Projects too but still can’t bring myself to pay that kind of money. Cos makes a very similar looking one this season for one third the price just FYI!

Deborah Mac says:

Im thrilled you covent shoes. Love your style and also am a medium to wide but buying a wide shoe is always to much shoe. I appreciate all the detail given. So helpful.

Sohinee Roy says:

Thank you Jamie for playing the requested video

Gayane Igityan says:

Enjoy all of your new shoes and don’t feel guilt, especially quite a lot of these were sent to you or you bought them on sale , so you haven’t overspent 😉
P.s I think there has been an editing error around 17:14, as you speak about sneakers but the footage is different. Anyway, a great video

asdbrg says:

i love all your strappy low heels!

Angela B says:

I love your Jo Mercer boots, but do they only ship in Australia?

stephvdm says:

I have so many things to comment so I’ll try to be brief!
– common projects sneakers are totally worth the $$ as imho they’re the most minimal sneakers out there with such classy branding and also such good quality. They start off slightly, stiff but after some wears, you can literally walk many kms in them
– your shoe collection is insane! I love how practical you are with it and how you actually buy shoes that suit your lifestyle and activities you do frequently. Rather than a lot of bloggers who seem to “live in” (cough take photos in) uncomfy heels more often than not
– the Everlane buckle sandals are on my TO BUY for summer, sooo classic!

I had so many thoughts and comments during this video! But that will do haha
S xx

Linda Elliott says:

My favorite is the blush suede sandals. Love the color and the detail and they look cute on!

I, Adaora says:

Don’t be embarrassed! Buy what you want (as long as you can afford it). You only live once! Love your videos!

Karen Burgess says:

So funny your face realising the reason for stiffness 😉 love your shoe / boot collection , thank you x

It's That Time For says:

I have recently discovered Bared footwear which is a brand also designed by a podiatrist. I’ve bought two pairs of shoes (Brolga and Conure) from them and have loved them ever since purchasing them! They have a great shipping policy too with free returns! 🙂

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