I got SOOO many questions about the shoes on my shelf in my last video, I decided to make a video all about them too lol! So here are a few of my most favorite pieces of shoe art 🙂 I love being extra af, and I like my shoes to match! ps yes i do wear all of these out of the house. lol.

I LOVE YOU PUMPKINS! Have a blessed day full of sparkle and light.


Here are links to all the shoes if you want to twin with me! 😛

Tidebuy (code “xoamber”)
TBDress (code “xoamber”)
Public Desire:

Shoe 1(tidebuy): (code xoamber)

Shoe 2 (tidebuy): Rhinestone Stiletto Sandals: (code xoamber)

Shoe 3 (tidebuy): (code xoamber)

Shoe 4 (Lola’s): SOLD OUT ON LOLA’S WAHHH! But here is a similar one!

Shoe 5 (tidebuy): (code xoamber)

Shoe 6 (eBay) :

Shoe 7 (public desire):

Shoe 8 (tbdress) : (code xoamber)

Shoe 9 (tidebuy): – (code xoamber)

Shoe 10 (Missguided): (code “amber scholl” at checkout for $20 off new customers!)

***this video is not sponsored, but some links are affiliates*** 🙂 xx


CosmoByAllie Prather says:

Does anyone else notice she says xo???

Sofija Cakic says:

Do a full shoe Collection

Elizabeth Chacon says:

I really like you amber you have a bubbly personality but please don’t let social media change you

vasilis antonopoulos says:

Great collection of shoes,the most sexy feet with adorable shoes to match

Sara Reyes says:

The second pair. Holyyyy molyyyy I’m obsessed!

Roland Camcena says:

5:21 porn star?

Liza Marie Levine says:


Sarcastic Potato says:

Updated version pleeeeeeaseeee

Michellekier B says:

my feet philippine size 40 giant feet … I can,t wear heels … I wish im short

Caiya Bryant says:

Where can I get the turning shoe display?

Haley Chacon says:

Amber u should check out Irregular Choice shoe company, they have amazing over the moon shoes!

Haley Chacon says:

The only girl I know who decorates her home with shoes!

sophia ! says:

When u got 10% but still watch ambers video

Pari Heels TV says:


hanna says:

A bit late i know, but i think you would love shein, they have such cute outfits and the shoes are just everything

Brunette Barbie says:

I lovw watching your shopping videos! Please watch my videos!(:

G Dragons Tongue says:

Oh my dog i NEED the first pair ughh

Honey Boi says:

Those shoes are so cute, and I love her too in this video

Jessica Argueta Diaz says:

It’s all your fault! Now I have a public desire cart full of shoes I can’t actually afford right now. (Because I bought $40-50 of makeup this week already.)

_ninax11 says:

Who else can see the name “AMBER” on 1:54 on her silver shoes?

Harold Nance says:

I don’t know why I just don’t like when she puts on the clear heels

pink frosting says:

Amber, we need to see an updated shoe collection! !!!

Pamela Sanchez says:

The butterflies ones are actually SOPHIA WEBSTER dupes, you should check her at IG, very expensive but her shoes are the most unique i’ve ever seen.


“I was looking for stuff to decorate my apartment with” *** buys a pair of shoes***

pug does makeup says:

Omg girl can I have a pair? Lol its just god I want to envest in a pair I just forget

Bárbara Jorge says:

Imagine joining the glitter from Amber with the holo from Simply Nailogical

Jada Smith says:

Pleas do a purse collection

AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique says:

The purple rhinestone one is so Repunzel.

EM MA says:

Why is she so beautiful?

Rain Barnett says:

and I thought I had a lot of extra shoes

Jennifer Dinnocenti says:

When you buy shoes online, how do you know that they fit and are actually your size. HELPPP

Lasean Joyce says:

I love Amber energy !!!!!

Kate's World says:

So pretty! I wish I had all all of them

Ellie Ingham says:

What size is she ?????

Mimo Kay says:

Amber, I’m here to tell you I’m officially broke and I’m proud of it. I love shoes and you collection is soon going to be mine, been trying to clean up my shoes collection and getting new pieces. Thanks

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