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UPDATE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C1AYk4qgO8

The shoes shown in this video are the LOUIS VUITTON Star Trail Sandals $1,090 available on LouisVuitton.com currently!

I purchased my true to size 37 (7) and they fit TTS.

This video is not sponsored – All items shown were purchased by me with my own money.

Thank you guys so much for watching as always! I appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed!


Cora Cho says:

And i am gonna get a pair. Lol

Summer winters says:

They look like the house arrest bracelet but they are also hella cute haha

Tiffany Lee says:

I do the same thing with bills as well! Thought I was the only one!

hollyannaeree says:

HERE’S AN UPDATE ON THE SECOND PAIR – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C1AYk4qgO8 – problems again -__-

Phuju says:

Still the same old Holly I love! Long time follower, so glad you’re uploading more frequently ♥️

MM1NND says:

Very cute!!!

Nel R says:

I think the shoes are so cute. But for that stitching issue, I’d exchange it.

CC Libre says:

Return ASAP !

Rebecca Suraci says:

I’d be mad at 1/10 the price. But if they were hard to come by and I loved them, I think I would probably keep one pair. More than likely I’d go with the wonky thread ones.its kind of an eyesore but… I’m hesitant about the structural integrity of the cracked one!


For the amount of money you spent on that shoe, return it.

biankiz86 says:

Loving the shoes but I agree, if you’re spending the money it should be exactly what you want, no need to apologize.

jessica neupane says:

Holly you don’t have to be better with your “perfectionism” you are a luxury channel / enjoy buying luxe items. You need to get your moneys worth every single time!!!! Fuck the haters.

Abee Abee says:

I think those shoes are LOVELY! 🙂

Sandra Boyle says:

Very noticeable take them back

melloe says:

That seam would bother me for sure!!

Rowena Huang says:

Nah girl don’t apologise for being picky! You worked hard for them 🙂

Gail says:

eve is so smart. both of them are so lovely!! btw shoes are not my type but suits you 😉

abracadabra says:

Those shoes are super cute! but bummer on the quality issue, hopefully your next pair is better.

D V says:

They are beautiful. Definitely getting these now.
I also feel the strap is much higher just because where your anckle bends it can be uncomfortable. I feel like they did a good job constructing this shoe.
Great review!

sophie m says:

Love the shoes but yeah I wish the ankle straps were not so wide since I have shorter thicker legs.

monya says:

Hmm at first i was like.. oké are they looking theyre price.. but when you put them on i like them!

Tiffany Ip says:

Wow, it really sucks it came in that state, hopefully the new pair will be better. It seems of poor quality tbh, like the shoes made in China (I have no idea where these are made from honestly but it just reminds me of shoes in general from China). Your fluffy babies are super cute btw.

Lila Love says:

Can you do an updated nail routine??

Henry Chamberlain says:

This is a very nice review. I love Louis Vuitton on my girlfriend. If you’re into offtrack adventure sandals, then I highly recommend LUNA Sandals. You really have to try them. I would look forward to your review. Here is my take on LUNA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=961TifJ543I

Mao Lor says:

The show look nice, I just don’t like how there’s word (Louis Vuitton)written across from it

Nur Ashikin mdsarip says:

return the shoes!

GlossandSparkle says:

It almost looks like residue is also smeared on the black part of the shoe. The band that says LV. Did anyone else notice that?
~Gloss and Sparkle

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