Knife Review : Frank B Italian Stiletto (11″ Kris/Stag Lockback)


Adam Ireland says:

Been wanting one of these for years, (a genuine old school Italian auto) close to impossible in the UK. Anyone know any sources or leads?

Tyler James says:

Pro tip: try and catch Incoming swords with your finger guard and deflect that shit.

Donnie Mcfadden says:

where did you get the 11” stag??

Dragonborn says:

I HATE how the cool knives are illegal in California, I’m pissed off I can’t get something like that!!!!!

Robert Rivera says:

I got a AGA Campolin 10″ with stag handles and has a whopping .19 thick blade. Paid 320.00 for it at BladePlay, just wish the blade wasn’t so loose. The pin just needs to be hammered down but I don’t want risk scratching it up. I shouldn’t have to do that though.

Mehmet Tan says:

thank you

Dylanbabeee moose says:

how much was this knife? id like to purchase one

Goastoid says:

I am genuinely looking for a nice Italian stiletto But i am left handed can they still be used?

Micheal Bigg says:

Are these legal in California?

KrazyKeaz says:

why are guns legal & stilettos not

Clorox Bleach says:

Are these legal in idaho

Zolafy says:

where did you get that lockback knife? i want one

Sal Bevins says:

Thanks now I know not to buy one of these

Bryan Cervantes says:

The blade looks like a Moro kris

Ranch says:

Frank Beltrame stilettos and kris’s with the swinguards are very high quality, and the action is extremely smooth. i personally recommend the swinguards more than the regular switches

Mr&Mrs Morrice says:

why do people call a bayonet blade a classic stiletto, i thought flat ground blades were the original style for these auto knives? am i rigt or wrong

do koske says:

tactical??fully auto?? hahaahaahahaaah go f urself.. tactical.. yeah….

AE 63 says:

I just got a Milano one and it has 420 stainless and green pearlex handle scales and I love it by far the best stiletto for around $40

Old Gregg says:

any tips on how to make the bolster easier to operate? I notice on your tactical one it only takes one finger and easily releases, where as on mine it takes quite a bit of force and I have to use my whole hand. Also the bolster on mine doesn’t return to its original position when I close the blade; I have to push it back into position


AKC Italy Swinguard Stiletto Knives ; My Brother These What I Need A.S.A P. And The Place’s You Give There Alway’s Out Of Stock Please Help Man I Need Hepl For Me To Buy Them…..: Antonio Vega

Enchilada Gringos says:

That’s the knife from the movie 12 Angry men

Mason Thornburgh says:

Dats pretty dank

Jäger says:

Is this legal in Minnesota?

Steve Cobblestone says:

since the metal is so cheap why not buy a cheaper version? … seems like a waste if its just for show anyways.

rubyspear131 says:

anyone know where to get a replacement pin for the swinguards, or the size of the pin?

gamin9freakyguy says:

i like the black one

Donny Domingo says:

Agree with you about the taper into the bolsters, something that I’ve noticed before too.

pkj77 says:

i hate the danish knife-law one hand operated knives are illegal love that 11″ and folding knifes that locks the blade when unfolded illegal as well

Mark Gray says:

I dislike those thick, ugly scales

Matthew Parsons says:

Please get a akc 8 shell puller lever lock with a abalone handle and review it please

Brainchild69 says:

Very interesting.
I like these knives.
Can you get one with a blade made of harder steel?

New York Greaser says:

Having seen his new videos he sounds like a child in this video lol

Judd says:

I do not like blocky Italian Stilettos

Logangster says:

I really like that all black tactical stiletto

World's Biggest Booty Hoes says:

In America, we have a place where you are not allowed to carry even kitchen knives and they’ll raid your place if they find out about it. It’s called prison.

Anonymous says:

Ehhhhh I like the black one, not digging this one in almost any way

Zayn Khan says:

is it illegal to own these or just carry them
sory im a newb

corgidog says:

The blade is awesome but the handles are too chunky.

OG BOBBY Johnson says:

Are spring assisted stilettos illegal to carry

Never mind my name Man says:

That knife is beautiful

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