EVERLANE Shoe Collection + Review

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Hey everyone! I have the links to all these items here as well as the blog posts where I did in depth reviews/styling shots. Hope you enjoyed the video and found it somewhat useful.

Blog posts:
Modern Loafers: http://lumieredhelen.com/everlane-modern-loafer-review-style/
Day Heel: http://lumieredhelen.com/the-everlane-day-heel-review/

Links to items:
Modern Loafers https://goo.gl/ZXyQMC
Day Heels https://goo.gl/24XZNy
Modern Babo https://goo.gl/WBfcUv

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Thao, T. P, Nguyen says:

For the orange pumps, I would advise bringing them to a cobbler and getting the outer sole protected. The leather sole is super nice to wear indoor (non skid) but they won’t last very long with normal wear. Since the sole is pretty thinner than the brogue/loafer style too, it’s very hard to repair them once the sole gives out. For the elastic back, I hate this feature with passion too. My remedy is always have some bandage or a piece of medical sticky wrapping cloths to cushion the heel.
I hate all my dress-up occasion shoes. I would opt to wear boots. They have more toe room for my slightly wide feet and by the end of the day that’s the only thing that hurts my swollen feet the most.

Samman Leung says:

Are you considering their new day gloves??

Wen yi Tang says:

I share exactly the same opinions on the modern loafer and the day heel!! So given they are both painful I’m not keen on wearing them to work =/. I wonder if you have any recommendations for stylish work shoes that are comfortable?

JessieCutie says:

I just discovered you and subscribed! Great video, very helpful!

Amber L says:

Did the day heel slip off your heels at all when you walk? I got them in my reg size, but the elastic back doesn’t grip very well for me. Not sure if this is common with shoes like these, or if I should go down half a size.

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