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Comfortable Heels – The BEST High Heels! These are THE MOST COMFORTABLE HEELS EVER! Get Yours:

Dream Pairs compensated me for my time creating this video. All opinions are honest and I test and try out all products I receive prior to posting a video and giving my opinion. Thank you Dream Pairs for working with me!

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OK OK…. I know what you are thinking high heels are so painful especially wearing high heels all night long. Well, for a very short person I can attest to the fact that a lot of high heels are SUPER uncomfortable and it’s really hard for me to find comfortable heels that I can wear for more than an hour let alone all night long! Well, I was skeptical about Dream Pairs. I knew ALL the Dream Pairs shoes were VERY cute (you can check out the whole collection here: but I did not think they would stand the true test by me trying to wear them out for a whole night AND walking down a steep hill and even running and jumping in them! I was so surprised to find out that they not only withstood my tests but they did not even suffer any damage! I loved these comfortable heels SO MUCH I brought them with me to Generation Beauty San Francisco and wore them ALL NIGHT to a cocktail party and walked down those steep streets without hating myself for deciding to look sexy in high heels instead of flats! When you are short these are the things you think about since wearing FLATS IS USUALLY NOT AN OPTION unless you wanna roll out of the house looking like an oompa loompa or a 10 year old child! I am telling you these heels are cute and they are the most comfortable high heels that I have ever worn (that have a real thin heels like this).

Find all the Dream Pairs here:
Pink Leggings:
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Martin Mee says:

can u wear them all day walking like the mall

Thomas Locke says:


Agnese Seri says:

So cutee!! 😀

Baro Metro says:

#justtryit A makeup tutorial

Audi Martinez says:


Audi Martinez says:


Destinee Rogers says:

love you

Kimora Simmons says:

#JUSTTRYIT Room Decor ideas!

Martin Mee says:

can u wear them all week

Hanen Ben Salah says:

looooove them

Ilham Amarullah says:

#justtryit makan indomie

Sharaynis A says:

i love you

Lilu says:

so pretty

Natalia Findley says:


Ece Gok says:

these heels are so cute x

Chelsea Leigh Castro says:


slimey ducklings says:


Martin Mee says:

do u wear ur high heels all day

Aiko Ivy says:

#JUSTTRYIT could you please do a comparison review on the silisponge (silicon sponge) versus the beautyblender? I really want to see if it’s worth the hype.

Alice Nguyen says:

The color is so pretty

Jennifer Rogerson says:

I can do that with most of my shoes. the real test is how long you can keep them on without pain. I am tall and have bunyins and flats are more of a problem for me. thankfully I to have them removed soon which means instead of buying size 8 shoes I get to go back to my true size 7!

jennifer rodriguez says:

#justtryit Kylie lip kits

Colby01 says:


Anti-Social Pessimist says:

♥ #justtryit Korean Face mask

Izzy Connolly says:

#justtryit avacodo face mask

army trash says:

#justtryit Kylie lip kits ❤

Kyla Walker says:


Jessica Fonville says:

Like the heels and your outfit was just
everything girl

Shayla Lema says:


Dilaisha Sheik says:

#justryit limecrime red rose velvetine

Tomi Olunloyo says:


Simply Mea says:

#justtryit Korean candy

Simona Gáspárová says:

Kim… are you think i will survive a longer day in this shoes?… because i am afraid of my graduating shoes…



GLADYMAR Rodriguez says:

I would have roll down the hills with the heels lol

Natalia Gonzalez says:

#justtryit you should do a whole bunch of Pinterest diys

Beau Leycia says:


Claudia Barbu says:

I’d would like you to try organic beauty products. #Justtryit

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