Christian Louboutin Simple 100 vs Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps Review

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ACIERO says:

Hello Jean, your blog is helping many young woman with sizing problems thanks for the creat work.

ACIERO says:

I don’t have so many problems finding shoes that fit perfectly because am a size 6 but I am having difficulties with patent shoes. Why are they uncomfortable at the toes?? I have two pairs of patented shoes one is open toe Prada and Christian louboutin pigale pumps but my feet hurt like hell after 30 mins in them.

Kitty T says:

This vid totally changed my view on buying the Christian loubs! I’ll check out Ann Taylor

ghada taylor says:

I love it!
Thank You so Much Hun!!

itzelprincess03 says:

you are gorgeous!! Loved your review, thanks for taking the time and showing us..

EP Style says:

@ValerieTheBeautiful yeech! I’ve had the unpleasant noise before on some shoes but never on the AT pumps. Did you get them at the regular AT store, or the outlet AT Factory? I just got a pair of shoes from the AT Factory and they are not real leather and they make a little noise when I walk, and are significantly lower in quality. As for the heel lining – that sucks as well (hasn’t happened to me yet) but for other shoes my cobbler glues it back down for free.

EP Style says:

@spritedrin Hi! FashionStalking is right…if you go to any cobbler they should be able to put thin rubber soles on the bottom of your shoes (for heels, it’s just on the front half). I’ve had it done to give shoes some “grip” (or to repair worn out soles) and it costs anywhere from $15-$40. If you have Louboutins you’d have to ask if they have red rubber soles, and if not, you can buy them on eBay for under $10 and bring them in.

bonnie ramirez says:

I love you…why have you not made more videos❤

Jane Lee says:

Hi Jean! Hope you are doing well! Thanks so much for this video! I have been looking for a good classic pair of heels without spending a fortune and the AT ones seem like a good choice! I will buy them and let you know how it goes!

Sunkist says:

Hello there, I have an question for you. I buy a pump, but it’s a little bit too big for me. Could you tell me how can I fix this problem?

EP Style says:

@kay818 I got mine online. Check their site today (Wed 7/27)! They’re having a one day sale with 40% off everything. I see size 5 left in the regular leather and black patent. If you’re on twitter I try to tweet these kind of deals as soon as I hear about them. Happy shopping!

SleeplessinOC says:

Jean, please, please, please do another updated review on finding the perfect nude, (and preferably mid-heel), pumps ! I see so many nude pumps but almost all of them have something I’m not looking for: heel too high, too yellow or pink, toes too rounded, or too pointy, too much toe cleavage, ect ect. I saw Kurt Greiger Esme Nude Spazzaloto Shoes online and they look almost perfect but they are sold out and not to mention too high but I might have considered it if it was still being made.thanks!

bealecheeks says:

I really love your reviews! They’re really informative and well thought out.

Hailey Fang says:

I love the CL a lot more

excessccompany says:

She mentions “going into the office” and “office appropriate” multiple times in the video so I doubt she’s living off her parents since she clearly has a job.

Jessica Chang says:

Why dont you do anymore videos??? You have more subbies than plenty of the other users i subscribed to and your videos are just great! You should consider it!!!

HCani says:

Your boyfriend is a wise man…

alexleggitt says:

Thank you for this video and especially for showing the ATs in multiple colors. It would be great to see a review done with black heels instead of nude (if you have the option), I found myself squinting at the nudes to try and see them in as much detail as the ATs. Also, I completely agree with your take on the AT wooden heal. It cheapens the shoe!

Jade Mercedes Fraser says:

You are sooo pretty! Great video, thanks!

Yin Li says:

This is a great review. I’ll go check out the Ann Taylor one because I’m looking for a pair of comfortable work heels.


@sl26228 lol wow. None ya business!

uppiesbeads59 says:

You really pay attention to details which make these kind of tutorials priceless….thank you so much…you are adorable! Tammy

Rosa Turner says:

Many Thumbs Up on this video!!!!
Very informative review – Thank You ‘So Much for that!!!
You’ve earned yourself a new fan & subscriber!

Elise Mariolis says:

Wow you are stunningly beautiful.

wolf_woman says:

Love your boyfriend’s comment about just painting the sole red lol. Awesome review and comparison. I am getting the simple 100. Thank you! 🙂

xqchen77 says:

Just got my first pair of ann taylor perfect pumps,they are just perfect! thank you for this video~

LisaLisaD1 says:

This is a FABULOUS video–thank you! :)) Lisa

Athena Lin says:

oh,,,you’re so pretty!!!

Kiki Chen says:

I like wooden heels tho 🙁

Anne Coops says:

Absolutely great review

l says:

i love how you have like four different kinds 🙂 i brought the ann taylor ones because of your blog and video! thanks!!

Chloe Luc says:

Really helpful, thks so much

Akam555 says:

Which website can i buy the shoes from?

TheMaterpiece19 says:

What camera do you use? It autofocuses really well!

Ezra Goggles says:

Something very similar to the Christian Louboutin simple pump 100 is Aldo Dellapenna.

Karen Chui says:

Hello, you mentioned in your video that AT in stores only sell sizes 6 and up. but you also mentioned you got yours on sale for $70. Did you get yours online or in store? Just wanted to see where I can get the on sale AT pumps. I wear size 5 and I just went on to AT’s site and their full priced. Thanks.

christentze says:

im not a heel kind of girl, but DAMN, those red soles are so beautiful. they just look so sexy and classy.

Masacryl says:

3 and a half inches are normal? I can barely do 3 inch wedges, never mind stilettos. Doomed to a stumpy silhouette, I suppose. :c

TheVinkinator says:

Although you’re older and accomplished, could you do more videos for college students’ budget?

TheHeebieGeebie says:

These are on sale for $60 now….

freshmint tea says:

I can’t find Ann Taylor perfect pump anywhere..huhu

zaya ganbold says:

I m new subbie like your videos and i have same cl 🙂

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