Boostin’ in Heels! Female Driven Turbo RSX Review!

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Rauscheder says:

“She is a female”

Tulox says:

Honda Integra Type R.

turbotony says:

sounds really good, I’m guessing external waste gate with screamer pipe?

Fullthrottlenitros says:

lol I daily drive one of these with a super tiny turbo unit for kicks!

Noir Spectre says:

lol she’s a female

Jay Yeet says:

I may be very late but is this the base RSX or the RSX Type-S?

Leslie H. says:

Isn’t there this other blonde chick from the UK who as well drives an Integra,, what’s with girl Integras lol

Heuristic X says:

An Acura tlx ad played right in the middle of the video.

MrKmprice says:

+thatdudeinblue hey if you could find out the fitment on the MBs and what size rubber it would be much appreciated:)

Rizic Gaming says:

my favorite video!

Joesaigh Carmona says:

What’s jordans instagram? I want to follow her build!!

Dylan G says:

And shes British. just sayin. pretty hot too.

Miguel Flores says:

“fully built” and you only getting 440 whp?????

JC scoots says:

I think it depends on what kind of build your doing when you put on white wheels

TuLokotron2010 says:

I had a BOM 05 type s and i have to say its one of the worse cars ive ever owned. I love the rsx but owning one not so good. I had more fun in my 97 b ek hatch.

Cab00v says:

Her window’s motor looks fine, it looks like it’s got something stuck in the assembly’s teeth.

asakapa0003 says:

Do you have to get an afternarket oil pan when boosting rsx?

universal alma mater says:

yea that can be dangerous…I had a v8 pontiac bonneville gxp with 300hp fwd an I would experiance tq steer getting on highway sometimes it was fun an sometimes itll catch you by suprise especiall when its wet

oCaRRiEDx says:

LOL when its your car its hard to notice the torque steer you kinda just get used to it counter it automatically. Now watching someone who isnt used to it try and drive its kinda funny. Let my buddy drive my balt one night (he drives a low 11 sec n2o firebird) my car made around 350 to the front wheels and he wasn’t ready for it lol. Did 40 roll and he pulled us across a lane and half way into the center/turn lane was pretty funny wish I had it on video.

Brian R says:

I plan to get a rsx also but in automatic!
Sad that autos get so much hate though

karlitron45 says:


MrCho604 says:

alot of girls love guys with nice cars..

Paolobruh says:

i feel like shes giving you a death stare to not say anything bad by the way youre lookin at her after you talk LOL

Randall Winters says:

Okay lets be honest the reason he cut the vid at 3:22 he must’ve raced that BMW lol

Jack Stevens says:

Why oh WHY did they make such perfect and beautiful cars FWD?!

Fjewt says:

So this is the USA version of the Honda integra DC5?

Salvatore De Lira says:

anybody know this girls ig?

jose custodio says:

is this the base model or type s ?

WhiteHawktriple7 says:

I LOVE my rsx. But i think i would mod a s2k over my rsx. RWD and all.

Arby Roldan says:

is this a type s rsx or base model

ash says:

Looks like she needs a traction bar and not McPherson suspension for that torque steer issue lol

a Bellend says:

I talk trash about Honda all the time yet I see something like this and instantly hit the car sites looking for one to buy… am I a bad car enthusiast?!

Koi Duhe says:

If you’re open to constructed criticism I would like to point out that more fly by clips of the car inserted at the right times in your videos would be a big improvement. When we come for car videos, no matter the channel, we like to be informed and entertained equally. If we wanted just “review”, an article on your website would suffice.

Matthew Henry says:

Its yanking like that cause it’s open diff not lsd

maxnguyen22 says:

How much did she spend?

Pun Ket says:

whats the turbo kit on the car

cacaroto colorao says:

i want to know what size wheels she got on

Noir Spectre says:

way too much power for that car…thats why hondas get bad raps…theyre not meant to be fast cars being front wheel drive…the big question is why TF does honda make sporty looking cars with FWD?

no honda hate i still love them reminds me of being a kid again

A1M AND F1R3 says:

does the rsx drift cause i feel like buying one

Walter Ritchey says:

I think this was the first video I saw by that dude in blue. Nice to re-watch this again and a few other golden reviews. Also nice to see how you’ve progressed as a car enthusiast, how your knowledge has grown, and the cinematography continued to progress. Good stuff David!

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