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Again sorry this vlog was so random. I was holding onto the footage to wait and get more footage and make the perfect vlog and it just never happened. With all the frustrations today I decided ya know what it’s now or never. If I don’t put it up the footage will be wasted – I can’t hold onto it forever (since the footage of the dogs is from Christmas!!) so who cares if it’s perfect or not exactly how I wanted it. It’s one thing I can do today to off set my bad day.

Hope you guys still enjoy it anyway! Sorry I’m not in it much – that was the footage I was waiting to get but never really got. fml. lol.

I am gonna buy a new camera (I said phone when I was frazzled lol but I meant camera) and hopefully be vlogging again soon 🙂 love you guys!


P.S. I will still be linking everything here in a min but I wanted to go ahead and get this up


rebeccajane43 says:

Awww sweet babies. I need a dog asap lol.

oxXRockXSugarXxo says:

Her dogs are so cute!

Bella Moua says:

Hahaha Eevee And Toshi remind me of twins! Always copying each other and fighting but playing at the same time. So cute!

Mir Mir says:

Did you get your regular size?

noemi acevedo says:

Beautiful shoes!! Love them

Dido’s life says:

MISSED YOU SO MMUCH GIRL! hope everything works out and we see more vlogs from you xxxxx

Ashley Bows says:

I want those YSL sandals they’re so cute , I really need to try them on though because my foot is weird . ❤️ thanks for posting

DeliaWears says:

hahaha loved watching your fur babies !!!

emailmebunny says:

Random but good still. Missed you on here! <3

Ari A. says:

Hi! I was wondering how you deal with the Eevee and Toshi’s shedding?

Jw Wu says:

Wanna see the house tour~love u~

Sel2888 says:

Did you check out the ysl espadrille wedge sandal that is on pre-order on Barney’s site? And they still have 14% cash back! They have black and brown and I’m leaning towards the black because I love the matte black logo. The brown has a gold logo which is cute too and would be nice in the summer with a tan. But the tan lines will be ugly lol

RedElegance says:

Ah, I love Shake Shack! I always get the shack burger. Cheese fries are delicious.

saralee says:

can you talk about the logistics of flying with both of them? thankssss

Emily Ly says:

Hollyyy! We miss you ! ❤️

Orange mint Pop says:

Toshi looks picture perfect!! Glad you uploaded!!

Kelly Chung says:

ugh god I miss ya!!! Thank you for posting <3

dkeveryday says:

VLOG, YASSSSS~ Toshi and Evee, too cute!

Peanut butter Jelly says:

Those bar stools are super cute

Kristine Le says:

your dogs are adorable! 🙂 always looking forward to your uploads girl! your voice is super calming ~

Ashley Elle says:

The matte black YSLs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I would never take them off

misunderstoodanaid2u says:

What wall plug did you have in the living room? The blue one ?

ingridg91 says:

My bf has a 2015 Mercedes too and lately he’s been having problems with it since November and it’s not the cheapest maintenance let alone fixing issues that have been popping up

Bychantal 88 says:

miss your old vlogs

Eva Makeup Lab says:

Yasssss !! finally see your review on YSL heel shoes. Toshi and Evee are soooo cute !!

pink9jablush says:

i have been watching u for too long. wow! i feel like i grew up with you

melloe says:

the doggy christmas clips are too cute!

Kopitran says:

Will your dogs grow any bigger? I’m considering getting the same dog, but I see there are different sizes?

loveforazo says:

I love your puppers!! Your training tactics must be amazing because they are so well behaved! My pup never listens to me hahaha

Angela Cruz says:


Lauren says:

eevee’s face @ 12:23 KILLED me. I can’t with her!

Laura Nguyen says:

toshi walking around with his lobster LOL

jasmineTHAI says:

toshi looks so cute when he runs! <3

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