Zara Haul & Try on!!! Autumn 2016 – Shoes

This week I’ve done a HUGE Zara shoe Haul and try on. Prepare to laugh and me though….during this video I get some over the knee boots well and truly stuck on my legs. no Jokes!!! I’m slightly mortified by it to be honest. But it was too good not to share it you. So please feel to laugh at my expense. All I can say is that I’m seriously glad the happened at home and not in a Zara store!! Enjoy Kx



BLACK SUEDE TRAINERS (I’ve bought 2 pairs!)

GREY OVER THE KNEE BOOTS (the ones I get stuck on my legs)



Michal Kitainik says:

Great video. I recommend the men section for trainers and such, some of the design can work as awesome for women
I allready bought a few shoes from the men’s design and i love them to death!

Zooey W says:

where is your top from, love it x

devilishcapri21 says:

what size did u get in the last pair?

Peonies and Fros says:

That boot scene made my day!

amy withay says:

I just found you and subscribed. Your name got me. For me, shoes are the most fun part of fashion. Loved the honest reviews and comical try-on!

EJ A says:

Love your personality 🙂 great video!

HappyHauls says:

If it makes you feel a little bit less dorky – I struggle with overknee boots ALL THE FREAKING TIME! 😉 That´s why I avoid trying them on in the shops. It´s so hard to find a good pair when you´re tall. Thanks for the laughs! =)

Charlotte Buttrick says:

Those over the knee boots are killer! <3 xx

alan doyle says:

just love watching a woman put on boots even if they are to small for you

Dirk Jakubowski says:

nice 🙂

Coco Cami says:

Amazing shoes, thanks for sharing this haul 🙂

Greywolf claw says:

The fact that you didn’t cut out the part where the boot got stuck on your leg is really to your credit; you have a very genuine personality that comes through in your videos, whereas a lot of YouTubers seem too concerned with image. Keep up the good work!

BADA says:

Hiya Zara, great channel, we here to support your great work. 🙂

Go Bowling says:

kewl we the same size.. ill take your hand me downs

luciam says:

I have size 6 feet but I still loved watching this! Well done! Thank you!

C Hin says:

Just found your channel.
I’m a tall gal too. You’re very likeable, I’ve subscribed. Agreed about Zara, sometimes I love them and then sometimes despise them and everything they stand for mainly due to how inconsistent they are. But when the good stuff does come, it is goooood!! Looking forward to seeing more videos from your darling xx

Camelia Anca says:

u are deliciously cute and honnest ! we are all struglleling with the sizes……you keep up the good job ……. hardly wait for another video ! kissess and hugs

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