YESSTYLE SHOE HAUL Try-on! Was it worth it?

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Hey everyone!
A lot of people requested a YesStyle shoe haul so here it is! Let me know if you liked this video and if you want more shoe hauls from YesStyle in the future!

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ *゚WHAT I’M WEARING ✿*゚ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
I T E M S S H O W E D ✿*゚
Renben – Hidden Wedge Platform Sneakers –
Sidewalk – Studded Belt Hidden Wedge Sneakers White –
Sidewalk – Studded Belt Hidden Wedge Sneakers Black –
Shoeland – Ruffle Trim Slide Sandals
Sunsteps – Ankle-Strap Block Heel Sandals Grey –
Sunsteps – Ankle-Strap Block Heel Sandals Beige –
Zandy Shoes – Lace-Up Chunky-Heel Ankle Boots –
Colorful Shoes – Lace-Up Chunky-Heel Ankle Boots –
Freesia – Lace-Up Platform Short Boots –
Shoes Galore – Ankle Strap Pumps Black –
Shoes Galore – Ankle Strap Pumps Beige –
Shoes Galore – Ankle Strap Pumps Pink –

O U T F I T ✿*゚
chuu Off The Shoulder Top
chuu Shorts

M A K E U P ✿*゚
Eglips Volume BB Foundation Lusterplus –
Too Faced Peach Palette –
Etude House Tear Drop Liner –
How ‘Bout Them Apples? Lip and Cheek Cream Palette
Peripera Pearly Night Lip Tint –

G E A R ✿*゚
Canon G7X Mark ii –
Lumix GH4 –

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Astrid Banda says:

I purchased a pair of shoes from them about two months ago as a trial, since I always order clothes from them, and I was really satisfied with them. They looked exactly like the picture, the quality was good and they were comfortable shoes. The best part was that I only paid $10 for them

deep_hypnose says:

Why does she hook her shoes like this?! I’m confused

WhatToBuy10 says:

nice legs

okami Suzuki says:

I have the studded hidden belt in black / but I got them at Rue21

Samantha Nayer says:

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I wanted to order a few pair of shoes from YesStyle but I had no idea that it’ll be worth it or no. My goodness I love you so much <33

sjch94 says:

kim you are so lovely and always glowing! Have you ever talked about your diet?

Tara Rad says:

are you australian? i’m picking up a bit of an aussie accent hahaha fellow aussie here !

kawaiiluv lis says:

Make a yesstyle pants review

Deja Iman says:

I just wanted to comment that my tailor has the same name, and she’s fantastic; it must be in the name

Sumire Noe says:

omg, I bought those freesia shoes recently and they haven’t arrived yet for me PHEW thank god they’re kimdao approved!!

kamikun says:

I’ve been buying from yesstyle for so long and i lowkey have been hoping they’d sponsor some youtubers so i’d get those v nice promo codes o o p s, it came in handy that im a regular watcher of your channel LOL

Love Nilsson says:

Do use all your stuff if not do declutter video please

Charles Breeding says:

lie geby says:

kim please tell me your weight.. we are in the same height but I always look fat in camera, I really curious with yours. please please

checkmate says:

hey im a size 6 in US and I wanted to buy oxfords , what size should I get?? 36?

Karina J says:

Can u do a workout routine?

Jennifer Rogerson says:

Shoes look good. Your not quite getting the buckles right on the heels. I have just one pare of shoes like them and it took me all day to figure out how to hook them, lol. Put the hook around the strap instead of hooking it to the fake buckle. So basically it will sit just behind the buckle to hide the hookup!

Kim Taehyung says:

What is 35 in us size though?

Stephanie Marques says:

you’re short and have a small feet just like me!

clover says:

I’m trying to look at how she’s hooking her shoes and I’m honestly so confused. lol

CaffeinatedTomato says:

Great video and very helpful in learning what types of shoes are good on YesStyle! I wonder have you tried any of the Yuki Yoru brand shoes on YesStyle?

hao hao says:

10:00 I have exactly those shoes from yesstyle in size 6 and I’ve had them for almost three years and the only thing is that the sole came out but aside from that they’re still really comfortable and not wrecked even though I wore them pretty often.

Joanna Kwun says:

Am i the only one confused here about her right foot being larger but those black boots were too tight on her left foot….?

Linna Eng says:

I’m really mad abt your shoes. They all are soooo cute.

antrea says:

I’ve always wanted to know if yesstyle shoes were good! Thank you!

graceyi says:

Omg I was looking at the ankle strap heels and wasn’t sure how beige the heels were and gahhh so happy when I saw you wearing them!! My mind is at ease now ^^ this video really help cause I wanted to buy the ankle strap heel and the super cute sandals!

Ellen Jungeby says:

Our feet are so similar HAHAH I also have 35-36 and one of my foot is bigger than the other. This video is perfect for me I feel HAHAH

Seren Draws says:

Hey I know this is random but the black high heel boots on the thumbnail is on amazon for 15.33 pounds sterling including delivery

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