Ugg Boots With HEELS Are Now A Thing

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Winter is finally here and depending on where you live, it’s been around for a while. But if you’re looking for the perfect thing to take your winter wardrobe to the next level, Uggs has just the boot for you!

It’s basically like, comfort, warmness, and heels all rolled into one! But to be honest, I’m not sure if anyone was asking for this…

It’s basically a dream – or maybe even a nightmare for some – come true. Let me explain. To basically keep up with the fast changing fashion trends of the world, Ugg has debuted a brand new style of boots that will either make you say ‘omg, I can still wear heels in the winter AND keep my feet warm at the same time’ or just… ‘why?’

As a part of Ugg’s Fall 2017 collection, the brand released a heeled boot in a style that’s similar to their classic Uggs. You know, the ones you used to work back in the early 2000s with your Juicy velour tracksuits. Anyway, since tracksuits are basically coming back in style, why not throw on a pair of ugg heels to complete your comfy but couture aesthetic, right??

In case you’re all DYING to know, these Ugg boots, named Kasen, come to the classic chestnut color as well as black AND you have the choice between a short or tall style. The only thing is, the boots will cost ya a pretty penny. The short boots are going for $150 while the taller versions are $250 a pop.

So far, the boots have received some pretty good reviews on the website and as of this moment, there are literally no cons to adding these bad boys to your wardrobe. Unless you hate comfortable, warm, and great fitting boots, then these probably aren’t for you.
Soooo, what are your thoughts on this? Are you so down for heeled Uggs or should the company just stick to their usual comfy footwear? When you’re done leaving all your thoughts (and I’m sure you all feel some type of way about this) click right over here to get the deets on what Vine 2 is. I know, I know, Vine is dead, but maybe…it’s coming back to life?! Anyway, thanks for joining me on Newsfeed, I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time!

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cutelittleReis90 says:

They look like boots I’ve already seen so many times to me.

Linda Malena says:

No. It’s not.. It’s not.

Poppy Styles says:

I want this so bad

Linzy Ley says:


K. Faith Robinson says:

They look ug lol

xyourstrulys says:

Why is this news?

Jaden529123 says:

those fur shits w/ the heel looks ugly asf tbh

Thomas Caputo says:

I feel bad for the sheep that gave their lives for those

FeelsWeebMan says:

The con to adding it to your wardrobe is it’s price.

Avantikay yy says:


Clay Brice says:

This is interesting.

Dorothy {Where Things Happen} says:


Ellie Hunter says:


bri cohėn says:

And I seriously thought the boys uggs were bad enough…damn was I wrong

Jake Esteves says:

no the fuck it ain’t

Jacob Hermida says:

They’re better than high heeled timbs

Elizabeth Gutierrez says:

I’m not buying sheep skin.

Piper Campbell says:

My life in a pair of shoes

Coreyn Marie says:

Stop supporting this sheep killing company

Tara Allen says:

I love the short ones

Ashlee Church says:

Australians be like this is old news hahah

Ren. G says:

Uggggg nooooo

TheDnyCarrera says:

They now actually look decent

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