Back again with another video in my Trying Ebay Clothes series! This time, shoes! From boots to trainers to heels, see which ones are a hit and which are a fail!

Products mentioned:
Black Buckle Boots:
White Converse:
Pom Pom flats:
Pink Bow Trainers:
Valentino Heel Dupes:
Chelsea Ankle Boot:

My Depop:


Robin Spector says:

Dang. I want those first boots! The shipping to the us is like $15 though!

nah says:

I’ve got those first boots (think mine have a slightly higher heel) and i’m obsessed, i wear them with everything.

mymidgetbae says:

You’re supposed to place that under the front of the buckle.

s Rmayer says:

U can hook it behind the buckle, that way it should feel more stable. Vary only the buckle if it’s too thight or too loose.

Tyler Gardner says:

Home goods would be great!!

Tea Brdnik says:

Love it!If U are looking for some more shoes visit:


is the first shoe pair true to size?the boots i mean from ebay

Safa' M says:

You are supposed to hook it behind the buckle not inside it.
So if you tighten the buckle, the hook will be tighter as it is hooked behind it.
Hope im making sense
Ly Katie❤

Hayley Stokes says:

The hook is to stop the strap from pealing every time you open and close the clasp.

delilah cheal says:

I’d love to see an ioffer video!!!

ItsYasmine says:

The buckle thing is actually more common than you may think, my Timberland heels have them along with some others and I find that it saves so much time and is easier to use, I’m not really sure how I would explain how to put them on using words though XD

Donna Saldana says:

I wish there was an American version of your hauls because I just LOVE your style!

Dani Halfpenny says:

Definitely want to see a coats version of this video! When’s the next ‘date with Kate’ video? Also great to see a fellow short-arse perspective on fashion things – I’m only just 5ft x

anastasia smith says:

love try video:)))) and cant wait for next date your so raw

Sarah Garnet says:

I like your shoes and your style
Plz i want to ask about your 1st shoes, do you wear it with socks or sockless ?
And what about your last booties ?
I do not like to wear mini socks so i want to know how to prevent sweating
Ty ty ty 🙂 ♡♡

Taram1987 says:

love the style of your videos really enjoy the little hauls

Vanessa Grace says:

Be careful when purchasing these on line you could be funding child labour and sweatshops.. My friend has a PhD in ethical purchasing and what it means to be purchasing these seemingly innocent purchases and what effect this has on humanity, I’m seeing lot of youtubers do these videos and it makes me really sad … please educate yourselves and your viewers.

Amy 217809 says:

Love this video!!! Could you do a video on your skin and I know you have done one of these before, but could you do another one! I am now on roaccutane and it’s absolutely brilliant. I have never heard of roaccutane since I watched your video. So thank youuuu!!!!! xx

Tanna Irshaidat says:

I love your life style and everything about you I feel like I’m a part of your world, I keep waiting for you vlogs .. You’re amazing Katie, I’m Tanna from Jordan – Middle East

Ellz190 says:

Where are your jeans from, they are lovely!!

Clare Sharrard says:

The buckle is what is usually used in dance shoes so you can get them on and off quickly….

Hard to explain how to fasten them but the hook should go over the whole strap in front of the buckle x x

Cat Em says:

Halloween, home decor, organization stuffs, or fall clothing would be fantastic!

anastasia smith says:

love video , hope well and love seires/!xpxxpxpx

Iona says:

Please please please do a wish app haul. I would love to see what you think of the app because, I’ve been thinking of getting some stuff off the app but I don’t trust it, and I think an honest opinion from one of my favourite youtubers could help me decide wether or not to buy off Wish xx

Hannah Melissa says:

Where are your jeans from?

Sophie Cross says:

The buckle is the same as dance shoe buckles. It saves you having to undo and do up the buckle everytime you wear them. Mmm… I’d google how dance shoe buckles work as it’s hard to explain but you basically put the strap above the buckle through the hook thing and then it will slide down to the buckle and it will be secure. You can change how tight it is the same way as other buckles, just move the buckle to the smallest hole. Hope that made sense! Xx

Massimo O'Kissed says:

On the “Rockstuds”, the hook clasp goes *around* the buckle, *between* the buckle and the strap with the buckle holes, so that the clasp is hidden.
You get the adjustability of a buckle with the convenience of quick release.

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