Travel Outfits | Top 7 Travel Wardrobe Essentials

Here are 7 must-have wardrobe essentials for travel!

Check out Blundstone boots here :

These practices will help you to become the best version of yourself. Creating healthy habits will help you to get into a self care routine without even having to think too much about it. The more we allow ourselves to experience wellness and a healthy lifestyle we can start enjoying a fuller life.

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Hi guys! I’m Carrie Rad! Welcome to my channel. On my channel I talk about all things self care and travel related. Some of my most popular videos are how to relax videos, how to get better sleep, get ready with me, and travel tips.

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Connie C says:

where is your shirt from? 🙂 the one you’re wearing in the video!

Chloe Lock says:

What jumper are you wearing?

TL Travel says:

I love this. I actually just attended an event to learn a bit about creating a wardrobe that transitions between home life and travel life. It makes the packing process so much easier!

Elyse S says:

Love love my PrAna Brenna pants! I recommend washing them inside out and hanging to dry because the fabric can get pulls in it. Mine have held up really well that way and are great for travel and everyday wear.

Pascale Côté says:

Yay! My favourite serie! Keep them coming 🙂

Kate Murray says:

I loved how all of these things were fashionable AND functional! My go-to travel clothing essential is my Keen hiking boots. They’re so well made and fit like a dream

Shawk Alani says:

please don’t buy leather, you’re supporting a very cruel and inhumane industry.

Kadiyah Lodge says:

Great video. I loved all the good quality pieces you shared, especially a denim jacket. I like the lighter wash. May have to invest in one!

Sasha says:

Love your make up in the intro!!!

Mommy of 5 says:

Do you have links for all the things you bought?

Jenesi Garcia says:

If it’s not too much to ask, where are your gold hoops and gold necklace from? Also what size/length/carat are they? Ive been on the hunt for the 2 pieces and I just like the way the hoops and chain sit on you.

Katie Bookser says:

Ah I definitely need the fleece pullover in my life! I would live in it. It’s fun seeing you acquire more adventure gear, and thank you for sharing it <3

Yvettes Vibes says:

Firstly, you are STUNNING. Secondly I’ve found your Videos so helpful. I LOVE those pants, they make me think of Lara Croft. I want to get a pair before my trip to Egypt! I also have been looking for a good pair of boots and those look amazing!

Rachel Sugar says:

Do you have a discount code for Blundstone? I really have been wanting a pair, but they’re pretty expensive. Thanks for this video, Carrie! It’s wonderful! 🙂

Livia says:

I don’t know what it is but I feel like you’re looking extra glowing and pretty today!
(even though you said you’re tired, please tell me your secrets lol)

Morgan Karlee says:

Not sure if you know but your Patagonia can pack into the inner pocket on the jacket. I like to use mine as a pillow when traveling. There is also a small loop for a carabiner so you can hook it on the outside of your bag if needed.

Alexis Gilbert says:

baseball caps are legit perfect! especially when you’re taking long flights ( and your hair gets totally gross from traveling)! it’s a great way to look cute and put together!

Sherry Zompa says:

Just wondering why you didn’t include the links to the travel wardrobe essentials…?

Ally Ehmann says:

1) good socks, blisters are not welcome.
2) a big water proof poncho that can cover me and my backpack if im somewhere with tropical rain
3) a touque (beenie?) Keep my ears warm
4) big baggie plaid shirt sort of the same reason as your jean jacket
5) yoga pants that are meant for colder weather (thicker linning) so comfortable. When i where them at home they are my productive pants
6) often like to have sandles so after a long day hike my feet can be free of boots but i can still wander around without getting my foot super dirty AND they are greay for when you need to get out of your tent in the middle of the night to go to the washroom.
That’s all i can think of on the top of my head. Thanks for another adventure video that sweater looks amazing!

Erin S. says:

Love this video Carrie!! It’s always great to have essentials to travel with 🙂 I also need that Patagonia pullover sweater in my life, looks SO cozy!!

D Lish says:

OMG I shop in the children’s section too!!! Lol!! I save a ton of money, especially on shoes. I wear size 5 in women’s so I just purchase size 3 in youth/boys and it’s the same exact size.

Ellen Eastwood says:

Can’t wait for Sri Lanka travel vlog!!!!

stillersgirl says:

Omg so weird, I was just at the mall and the heeled blunds totally caught my eye. Is this a sign I need to buy them? I think so!

Leah Davis says:

Love a Chelsea boot too!!! I can’t travel without a chambray shirt, so great for dressing up or down

James Postle says:

Blundstones are rubbish. And it’s pronounced “Blundstun”. Made in Thailand and India. Quality has dropped through the floor since they shipped production offshore. Nothing Australian about them. Aussies buy Rossi and Redback Boots. 100% Made In Australia, considerably cheaper, unbelievable quality and the comfort is far superior to Blundstones! Aussies wouldn’t be see dead in Blundstones any more!

Sophia Ross says:

I love this! Do we get a video about Lanka soon?

Dance_with_me says:

I’m not sure this type of videos needs so much talking.

Dan is Awesome says:

I’m doing pretty good

Lauren jackson says:

These type of videos you make is cool

Taylor Franklin says:

I always have to bring my timberlands. Depending on the time of year of course, but I’m from Chicago and I’m always freezing! Living in the Windy City never got easier— but harder once I moved away! When I come back for holiday I always make sure my feet are warm!

fitetothefinish says:

Just wanted to pop in and offer any advice on Patagonia gear if anyone has questions! I worked for Patagonia for a year and a half!

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