Hello beauties! These boots are the story of my love affair for the Stuart Weitzman highlands… I searched for two months to find them and could not grab a pair! I went on Ebay, called almost every Stuart Wetizman Store, asked my friend who worked at Nordstrom, and then decided to preorder them. I finally got my hands on them and wanted to give you guys a review of the item.


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Dany Solis says:

“Only pretty skinny girls can pull off this boot” okay bitch

Aiko Mama says:

Hi great review.How is the comfy part?Are these boots comfy for wearing all day long?I mean for ladies who are not that used to wear heels all day long.How high is the heel i read every size got different height?Also i know they got footbeds does it mean they got small platforms to make easier to walk in them do they have platforms under the insole?Thank you 🙂

Michael Dudick says:

do you ever get your boots wet on purpose?

nino Barlini says:

do u ever fuck with your boots on? i’ll make that happen for you, you’ll like it.

EvolvingBeauty xoxo says:

I have been obsessing over thigh high boots lately. I’m going to splurge and pick up a pair today. Loved how they looked on you. I have a dress that exact color and style almost! Are thigh high boots short girl friendly?

Chuying Long says:

very useful

Chevy Brown says:

Ha these look great on thick thighs!

Rachel Rebecca says:

I’m fairly short and I really want these boots but I think they might go to high on my leg my height is 5’1 am i too short to wear these?

Angeli Ledda says:

Are they comfortable to walk in? I totally agree with you that the Lowlands look like socks, so I’m deff looking to invest in the Highlands, but I’m from NYC where I have to walk a shit ton haha

Bhavna Makeup says:

I bought these and I have thin legs but I find them a little loose at the ankle. This might also be because I’m short (5ft 4) and I’m US size 8 in shoes

Lopez D says:

what style are these boots ??

nino Barlini says:

I got the biggest erection from the boots omg ur perfect

Stxef.v says:

I got really nice fake ones off aliexpress for $25

Jenny Apa says:

I have 3 pairs the low and high my legs are thick when I wear those boots I ROCK them……you don’t have to have pencil legs to wear thigh high so your comment was not needed……

alan doyle says:

wow you went through a lot to get those boots and so good to hear how excited you are about finally getting them. they look fantastic boots and you have not to worry they look really so good on you. hope you carry on enjoying the boots they really do look perfect on you better to see them on a leg with shape

Happy Design says:

Hello! Please, could you help me with the size? I want to order them, but I do not know what size to choose. What is your foot length in centimeters ? Thank you!!!

Danielle S says:

Is your birthday in November?

Andreas Bünte says:

You really are a very beautiful lady, and these boots make your legs even more sexy… Thank you for this great video…

Couturedeann says:

Do the thigh circumference run small?

Lucy Ramirez says:

Omg !! Way to much talking !!!

Stew Ball says:

Great video.  Thanks for sharing your love of boots!  They look great on you, and hopefully you have more videos in the future.

Mirna Fuentes says:

Are they narrow?

Alyssa Kilgore says:

How tall are you? Because I’m 5’1 and I’m afraid over the knee boots are going to fit me strangely

Konstantinos Stoltidis says:

cute honey

pierre bilodeau says:

hi !! my girlfriend told to wear thigh high sock as you like her short legs as your boots will remain on your thighs, what it does

jorodney21 says:

I love mine, but they fall down all the time drives me mad, never looks like they do on the celebs 🙁

Edward Stephens says:

they look amazing on you. so sexy

Tracy Walker says:

Thank u for letting me know that there not that for heavier woman bc i was about to purchase that stewart weiss for 750$

Mayakinss Castorena says:

I got these exact boots on Ali Express on cyber Monday for 75 dollars including shipping.

Sar Cullen says:

These boots look good on you hun 🙂 Can you still wear socks with them, or are they too tight and are better to be worn barefoot?

sweetfaceluxe says:

I’m so glad you gave a “real” review on these boots I am very curvy girl with muscular legs and I was obsessing over these but was worried about the fit! Thanks again❤️

jnnlis says:

I could’ve done without the comments on body type. You don’t need to tell women that only thin women can wear these boots. Really offputting. I’m 5’10 and a 12/14 and they look absolutely great on me.

Samantha J says:

If you lived in England Russell and Bromley sell Stuart Weitzman highlands, I work there part-time and had them for shop shoes in the leather, great pair, extremley well made however be careful of the leather tassels, as they come loose and look out for them when the sales hit!

Abby Tracy says:

I just bought the three colors. Check my video out.

Ran Zhang says:

having trouble deciding the colour, topo or black? 

Ruth Umoh says:

If you’re over a size 4 (6 pushing it) and shorter than a 5’9 (5’7 pushing it) these shoes are not for you.

BootsAreSoSexy says:

really enjoyed this video, sweetie—partly ‘cuz I pretty much LIVE in verrrry soft ‘n tall Fashion Boots year-round, 24/7 (even to the extent of SLEEPING in them most nights, ‘cuz I absolutely adore ’em soooooo MUCH!!!! (hehhe), and am always looking for STILL MORE videosz here on YouTube that feature such deliciously soft ‘n supple fashion Boots!!!! Sincerely hope you have a verrrry lovely & loving 2015, and beyond, sweetie—in AND out of your beautiful boots!!!!!

XOXO Joannie H. (IDAHO), age 52 I.D.: “Joannie Halloran”

Ruti Youdovitch says:

going back to your comment of – the boots looking better on thinner legs/thighs.. i have to tell you, i have chicken legs – super skinny narrow legs, and i ALWAYS have a problem buying boots, cuz everything is so big and are is always falling down and slouching on me. all my boots ive ever bought had to be altered and taken in cuz i was so sick of turning away all these boots i fall in love with. so i gave up i just buy what i like, and my shoemaker fixes them for me. I try so hard to fill them up with thick knee socks just so they take a better shape… but hell i would do anything to have fuller legs – they fill the boot so much nicer… so its not that bad having thicker legs ( not heavy big legs, but fuller than i have)

Franny Rojas says:

i love the thigh high boots.would thigh high boots will ever be ok for man to wear them? they use to wear them in the 1600’s. i think it can look fashionable.

Cindy Gonzalez says:

Wow that whole comment just PRETTY THIN GIRLS. Hmmmmm excuse me !! Holy shit the vid turned into a nice pleasant vid to a ooooo noooo she f didn’t just say that !!!! I’m 4.9 and a proud thick curvy as u say Latina women and I rock the hell out of my boots !!! It was rude and u talk way to much babe !!!

Rachel Marie says:

You should probably obsess over working on your eyebrows cause girl, just no lol.

Zainah G says:

So hard to find good thigh high boots when you have thick thighs 🙁

nhỏ xinh quỳnh mai says:

How tall are you?
I’m 155cm.

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