Testing Basics | Flat Ankle Boots

Hey everyone, thank you so much for watching as always! Hope you enjoy this one!

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DAY 1:

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Heather A. Turner says:

Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other and that could be why you right foot got blisters (my right foot is slightly larger than my left) or your right foot could just swell more. My favorites were the Kurt Geiger!

mccsamm says:

Hey Lizzie! I bought the Acne Jensen size 39 in October wore them for 2 weeks and then stopped. The problem? The sole at the point of the toe has worn down so much. I emailed Acne about it and they told me they can’t do anything about it because I didn’t but it from their website. So now they just sit in a box at the back of my closet.

Patricia B says:

I’m after a new pair of flat ankle boots so this is coming in handy! Love your jumper at the beginning too Xx

Andiau says:

What lipstick are you wearing? It is a great red on you!

Lisa Fruitloop says:

Love this series! I was thinking about getting the Jensen Boots and found your thoughts really helpful. So thank you!

Scotiabelle says:

Yes I love my Jensen boots I have blue which is great with jeans, maybe now need another colour!

R Stanford says:

Ha I sold my Jensen boots (size 41) because they were just a tiny size 8 and killed my feet. Gave up in the end, I was so sad I couldn’t go up a size.

Eleonore Bon says:

Which foot is your larger foot? If the smaller foot has room to move around, you’re going to get blisters. Especially when you get blisters quite quickly.

ika W says:

BTW you have some nice sketches on your wall 🙂 is it yours?

Adila Dilshat says:

Dear Lizzy, is it possible for u to do a black skinny jeans testing one as it is also a wardrobe staples? Always enjoy ur testing basics video! Already bought weekday Thursday jeans based on ur review! Thx! Xxoo

Eleonore Bon says:

Re. the Acne price, must be Brexit, lol! They’re still the same price here.
I always feel for you when you’re shoe testing. You seem to get blisters so quickly. I can’t remember the last time I had a blister!

Priya Sudendra says:

I just started watching your videos after finding your Blogging Journey video. This video was so great and I loved seeing your outfits and your transparency!

Holly White says:

Girlll you are killing it in that red lip! I love those &Other Stories boots, the style is just so practical!

Du Bella says:

Not really like such long video you make all the time

Claudia Fagadar says:

I’m only on the 3rd pair but I can tell the last ones are gonna be the Chloe boots! <3

Allie Cleve says:

Your testing basics videos are seriously my favourite videos on YouTube, I love how in depth you go with everything without waffling and the price ranges you go for. Also it’s so great how honestly you disclose PR samples and the fact that they don’t always mysteriously end up being your favourites makes me really trust your opinion when you DO love something that was given to you as a PR sample or with a discount. The fact that you take the time to write down and link everything in the description and even address things like some people being vegan and not wanting leather shoes is something I really respect about you as well. Basically your videos are fantastic and you deserve every single subscriber!

antonia craig says:

it’s probably just that your right foot is bigger than your left, which is quite normal.

jemma watkins says:

Have been watching your testing basic’s and vlogs for a while now. Love them 🙂 awesome inspiration!! Thanks

Art Farm says:

YES! loved this testing basics! so interesting about the acne boots and how well they broke in. I really appreciate all the time and research you do for these videos! and I love how you style the outfits, so inspirational! what red lipstick are you wearing? it looks gorgeous! xo, Katie

Jovana Petrović says:

I love how informative, yet creative, your videos are. These are the best reviews of products I have seen, with both opinions on quality and cost-per-wear, as well as the styling ideas. I really think this is one of the best fashion/style channels, if not the best, I have seen, and I have been browsing the youtube waters for longer and more often then I really should (phd aint gonna write it self :D). So, thank you, I really enjoy your videos, hope to see more in the future!

Katie Blair says:

I have been waiting for this one since the series began! Your taste in shoes is my liiiiiife.

Julia Foster says:

Wish you had more subscribers love your Vlogs xxx

tink erbell says:

i wear my flat ankle boots a lot also but i just got two pairs of block healed ones and these have become my go to boots over the flat ones.

Miriam cbs says:

wanted to let you know that i’ve been watching your videos for about a month now and I love them! I love that you take your videos seriously and are also funny and fun to watch! would you consider using primark things in sone testing basics in the future? just because it would give a low-low price option…

Lucy Warner says:

Love the last two boots!

ecem ali says:

hey Lizzy, found this video really informative & wonderful to watch! LOVE YOU :*

youngdave41 says:


witch taeng says:

I really love this kind of review about fashion stuffs you can wear everyday, it’s basic but can also make you have a good looking at the same time. All of you ankle boots is looking so great!! Thank you for make such a good review : )

Melissa C. says:

Lizzie, love all your Testing Basics! Perhaps you should go up a half size to accommodate your right foot. I find that a thin, leather insole in my smaller foot helps.

livia tanoto says:

I loved the Acne boots but they are so uncomfortable. Maybe just me tho because ppl seem to think they are comfy

Sonia Pasion-Gajeton says:

Where can I get your two cream jumpers that you wearing??

Studio86 says:

Love that red lipstick on you!

Marina Ella says:

I love this series so much!

margela misera says:

Always love your testing basics video! so honest and helpful 🙂

Sophie Mae Style says:

Love all of these options and love your sweater so much! Xo

Kristen Dawn says:

YES i have been waiting for you to do this! 😀

ugh eyeroll says:

do you by any chance remember what lipstick you had on in the last bit of the video? x

MissChristopher98 says:

Was curious to see how the acne boots were because there are similar boots available on the high street, yet lots of people own them. The molding thing was really odd and cool. Haha.

Kay Wanderz says:

Love this video!! For once someone one was completely honest about how the clothes fit and wear. Please do more try on hauls like these. Great appreciate your review on them!!

Anna says:

You should’ve featured some Vagabond boots, they are amazing!!

Abe Lincoln says:

Can you do a testing basics video on on high heeled ankle boots please?

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