Review Pleaser Adore 3063 Red 7 Inch Thigh High Boots

Kali is at Shoes Of Hollywoods High Heel Retail Shop and tries on some Red Pleaser Thigh High Boots with a 7 Inch Spike Heel.
These amazing boots are laced up at the back to fit you’re legs and then Zipper on and off.
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Flávia noguerinha says:

Gostei mas muito exagerado

timothy eleazar says:

Lady Gaga’s and Ariana Grande’s heels

heelrubberboots says:

love red patent

凍水 says:


Ната Волч says:

И в квартал таких же как сапоги фонарей))))

Vickie Ray says:


Kelly VanderRaine says:

Wow cool boots

Yadira Covarrubias says:

Yo con esas botas me parto n 2

D M says:

Why would anyone think these boots are sexy… they’re hideous

Mr. Shlock says:

Eat me, whip me, make me write bad checks!

Sacha De Melo Gomes says:

Nossa que bota grande

Emma Louise cd/tv says:

Stunning boots, I want!!.

Samantha Monroe says:

You walked like a man on his first heel. Does that mean they’re difficult to bend the knee in

Allan Wright says:

Nice red boots kali

Eoin Mc Mahon says:

Kali, nice sexy thigh high red Boots. You are attractive, sexy and stunning in them. I wish I could wear them. Do you remember the thigh high centred zipped red leather boots that Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls wore in the video for their hit single, Say You Will Be There. She was sexy and stunning in them and she wore them in a hot desert. She was my favourite Spice Girl because she did Topless modelling. Eoin and Mr. Buddy.

Wei-Lie Tunoa says:

I want those

Leopoldo Torres says:

look so beautiful with that red bots

Leopoldo Torres says:

you look so gorgeous and i love u with red flamingos u look so good on u baby

francis templeman says:

sexy boots

violet sellers says:

Good to do pole work with those boobs because they’re very sturdy and they probably would last a very long time may not need to buy any new ones and then I like the support but they have for the frame of the body that’s very important as a dancer

Jose oscar Bravo says:

Una total belleza te felicito elegante con esas botas

Lisa Tschaen says:


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