PLEASER BEYOND-3028 SHOES / Unboxing and walking

Walking in pleaser shoes, which has 10″/26 cm high heels. Watch and enjoy!


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Gabriell Birth says:

Looks Like lady gaga

balletboot2000 says:

Awesome, hope you take them outside soon, x

Jean Gaudy says:

génial !!!!

platformbootlover says:

Quite amazingly beautiful boots! I’m thinking of ordering a pair with me. I just have not dared, wondering if I will use them outdoors ??

ervina hasapi says:

how much did they cost?

Seb Vettel says:

more videos in this shoes

Théo Lapy says:

Ahah love the cat’s tail at the end !

caite says:

I watched my pole dance instructor do a routine in this it was amazing i’m still only on 7 inches so it was crazy.

cervezadog says:

You could easily squash a man with these sexy stiletto heeled platform boots. Very nice.

Antp Piggin says:

wow you look absolutely amazing

MrZakka85 says:

Amazing video. Nice girl. Nice heels. Will i see in a public walkng video?

6 6 6 says:

no jo on kenkulit. huhhuh 😀 on nätit 🙂

Ruti Kuiwa says:

Saix mont orgguu??? Mä en saanu yhtää…i wonder?

Devarr Harris says:

Were they hard to stand and walk in

Patrick Lanquetin says:


Frederic Wheeler says:

Lovely ladies…All of them!


Idk why youtube recommended me for this video

albernazvideo says:

Beautiful boots, I would like to see more of you wearing this boot please … thank you

thesandtiger says:

awesome boots love them hell yes i know many young lady’s that would love these

lucas767676 says:

extreme high heels thighhighboots. You look amazing

Rita Darkling says:

Kumpi kissoista tuli moikkaan sua tossa videon lopulla? Kreivi vai Paroni? Rispektit noilla kävelemisestä! Näytti tosi hurjalta, mutta sä hoidit homman kotiin tosi tyylikkäästi! 😀

Yasmín Díaz says:

Lady Gaga wear that bots in last year… :3

Edward Dakin says:

how tall are you in those boots?

Stevie Ray Mac says:


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