MY SHOE COLLECTION / Try On! | Lucy’s Corsetry

0:00 Convertibles (flats to heels)
0:45 Sandals / Peep toes
3:15 Pumps
7:15 Booties / Boots
11:30 Honorable Mention

Mime et Moi interchangeable heels review:
Gena Singapore convertible shoes review:

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lillolilain says:

I NEED those Jessica Rabbit shoes!

Queen Celine says:

These boots ain’t made for walkin’

Ligeia Noire says:

oh my those oxford shoes!!!!! I am a sucker for high heeled oxford shoes!

Donna Stevens says:

Something diffrent in heels Lucy love the idea Donna

Natalie Harrison-Lim says:

I knew you lived near Toronto! I do too also.

kevlarandchrome says:

Oh god, I love those silver boots, the tarnish effect makes them look amazing.

RhymingMime says:

Tell us about your dancing!

bianca cross says:

aaaah!! They’re all so gorgeous!!

depressed bish says:

Yes, this is what I came to this channel for


Connie Thevenin says:

Are you in Canada?

Linda Van Loon says:

OMG! You have Pleaser heels! I’m thinking about purchasing a pair.

Lea Alajbeg says:

I love when you do these kind of videos!



megalopolis2015 says:

This was so much fun. It’s funny how fitted your corsets usually are, but how relaxed you seem to be when it comes to your footwear. :0) Those silver boots are gorgeous. I liked how they aged. I wish my face looked that good with extra lines. :0) Not only are insoles important for being able to wear things like this, but there are stick on treads you can get for cheap that can make the walking experience much less treacherous. I own oxford heels similar to yours. I wear one of those pairs a lot. I have some very impractical shoes, as well, but I rarely wear them. I usually reach for the comfy shoes that are somewhat dressy. Man, but those red shoes looked difficult to walk in.Those shoe skates at the end were such a neat surprise. I long to get actual rollerskates. I am a little wobbly on them at first, but I can go around in circles and even go backwards a bit. Thanks for sharing. (Sorry if I am typing as though I’ve been drinking too much coffee :0) ).

Dreamer5211 says:

Thanks Lucy , my vote is for the red pumps !! Take care , Gary

Kitty says:

I have only three pairs of shoes and one of those pairs is a pair of steel cap boots.

Brandi Reichert says:

You are so graceful and beautiful. Love the way you model your shoes.

WormholeInversion says:

Do you have the name of the Pleaser heels? I need those but unfortunately we aren’t the same size 🙁

Kittles says:

Love this video as a change of pace! All your shoes are so cute 🙂
Do you do any particular care/treatments to make them last so long? I have a pair of heels from high school that I love, but they are really on their last legs even though I don’t wear them that often.

Missmartini nz says:

I love the way you move your feet around in this vid! This was shoe porn for me, i got more excited with each pair 😛
I think i love the shape of the pirate boot the most, the roundish toe with the stilleto (sp) heel. AND those sleazy red Pleasers, id refer to them nowadays as Violet Chachki heels.
Dont know how people walk in those platforms with the curved front, they werent in fashion when I went through my wearing heels everyday phase so never learned to walk in them.

salsa379 says:

Very luscious collection…what size are those…?

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