HUGE SHEIN TRY-ON SHOE HAUL | Worth the money?!

In today’s video we are trying shoes from SheIn!!
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Black Ankle Boots:
White “dad” Runners:
Purple Velvet Runner:
Black Studded High Heel:
Black Velvet Heel:


Pankee kii says:

I recently found a shop named Ikrush and the shoes there are so cute and cheap, but I’m too scared to order something.. Can you do a shoe haul from Ikrush?! O:)))
btw. been enjoying ur videos sm lately 😀 ♥

M. Carmen Gallego Palomino says:

I find them too expensive. In Spain, for example, there are similar shoes for 15-25…

RIYA says:

Just uploaded a similar video, if you’re interested you should check it out!

Urveesha Gillies says:

Pleaseeeee try to buy outfits from “Club Factory”

Valerie Jackson says:

Lol yea that’s what we have to deal with in the UK we don’t have half’s only in the trainers and luxury department normal shops like H&M, topshop, Zara no half’s

daan de bruijn says:

I have to learn for my exams but your videos are like a hundred times better

Janelly Rdz says:

You say slides but i call it “chanclas” jajaja sorry i don’t like it, but it’s looks cool on u.

Jameela Ramju says:

How many days to get the product

chubipower says:

36 is more like a size 5. Always size up for closed shoes!

Taylor Brooks says:

I was just curious Mia, do you keep everything you order for yur videos? Or do you return it after you’re done? Was just curious 🙂

A Yi says:

The shoe box that has chinese characters on the shoe box (you were asking) is just a brand name in Chinese 🙂 Almost sounds like Gimi

PeytonDodds says:

Valentino pumps hun ❤

Hyacinthe says:

I love you videos ❤
Just for info (I didn’t check if someone said it already or not), 230 means 23centimeters which match size 36. Feet lenght. 😉

slick Mike Hoops says:

beautiful!!! you should wear pantyhose with your heels.

Katrice Lyons says:

I have a pair of shoes like slides but they are Birkenstocks

Moxen Remon says:

The spiked ones are Valentino dupes

Tasoula Adossidis says:

An FYI for you, size 6, is more like a 37 actually. That might explain why the majority of your shoes were too small. That being said, we all know shoe sizes all differ depending on brand and style, but that’s a more accurate guide line.

Dieuviline Francois says:

can u please do a boohoo haul??
i’m considering buying some cute stuff off of there, but i’m not sure

Chloe Hall says:


sabahat mallick says:

Please add the all clear straps one on shein i had to return them bc they were really small and having second thoughts about it to reorder. Please add it in some other vid you’ll be doing in the near future. These ones PLEASE.

Ilham says:


Karolina Svensson says:

The first pair is a really poor quality heel. You can tell by the heel itself bc the heel is suposed to be right under your own heel. Where your heel ends it should be a straight line down. Not outside of your heel……. but i mean it is ”cheap” ish so 😀

Robyn Soyer says:

Get an insert for your boots. It will make them a half size smaller!

ramona flowers says:

Lost it with the slides. “My feet probably look so ugly, I’m like hello!”

helen tamonang says:

been binge watching your videos you and your videos a lot

chrispin HK says:

You guys will go crazy if you come to HK. For most of the shoes shown here you can buy them at half price here. Just the other day I saw a pair of platform sneakers selling for HK$100, that’s about US$13. I myself never buy these brandless shoes made in China. They are cheap not without reasons. They smell of glue and fall apart after a couple of wears.

Trinity Pruitt says:

Can you do a SHEIN summer try on haul?

tania ananda says:

that is valentino look alike shoes

Pritha Das says:

your hair shines like OMG!!

zanib Khan says:

Valentinos are so expensive but i got those type but heel is higher (and 100s of pounds cheaper) and they are so nice

shannonsan says:

Can you do a summer dress haul?

Ha Potato says:

The fourth pair of shoes (the black high heels) was originally designed by Valentino

HadjerWorld says:

Save Money While You Shop

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