Heels for men?!

Unboxing the George from Syro!



Floyd K says:

I’ve got the same pair in size 13 too! They’re great boots, enjoy them!

kramden says:

Size 13, damn!  Men look great in heels, especially when worn confidently.  It is actually easier for men with larger feet to walk in heels than women with smaller feet…Keep up the great work buddy

shadowsa2b says:

couple things…
why is the company logo a penis? you can cater to men without being lewd about it…
why does wearing heels have to be a feminine thing? i mean i dont care how people want to express themselves, but why does it have to be feminine when it comes to heels? heels were a masculine thing before they were feminine, and women used to wear them to masculinize themselves. im more than fine with a company selling heels which caters to men (super rarity), but why in the context of promoting male femininity if they are supposedly trying to not be defined by gender? isnt that specifically assigning a gender to their shoes by selling them under the label of “femininity”? why not just sell “heels for men” and leave it at that? are they trying to pander to the stereotype of gay men being feminine, and thats why the penis? it seems odd to play to a stereotype for a company thats supposedly trying to move beyond stereotypes…or do they simply prefer one over another?

i did briefly browse through the site. all of the styles were sold out in almost every size, if not every size. so good luck to anyone looking to buy a pair

Thomas Hogan says:

I have a pair and I wear them with skinny jeans to echo the Beatles look. With a pea coat and scarf I’m back in London. They are well made and the heel “problem” is not an issue. You get used to them in 20 mins.

Alayna June says:

Youre so cute!!!!!

Neel Gos says:

I am 6ft and want more.

SarinaBoBina says:


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