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I wanted to have an in depth conversation about everything that I know about Dr. Marten boots so that you guys can make a fully informed purchase if you are debating on these babies!

Women’s Dr. Martens 1460 8″ Eye boot ($151.19 at Journeys in stores NOT online)

**If you’re looking for the uncorrected version of my boots, check out the “Pascal 8-Eye boot” which has a more soft, matte leather

I encourage experienced Dr. Marten owners to share tips, tricks, and anything else down below!

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Charlotte Humphries says:

Dr martens are from the uk the original place where they r made r in English

Delicia Murillo says:

Info on your eye glasses please

Triple Rock says:

Dr Martens Solovair = Lasts you for decades
Modern made Doc = Garbage.

Ari says:

I got my first pair of Docs as a reward to myself for making it through my first holiday week as a cashier without crying or having a panic attack or a nervous breakdown. It took a week of constant wear to break them in, and now that they are they are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. The air cushioned soles are a godsend for working 7 to 8 hours on my feet. I have a tendency to put my weight on my heels when standing for long periods of time, and they’re the only pair of shoes I wear where my heels aren’t sore by the end of the day. Not only that, but they’re great winter boots as well. I wore them out walking around town in snow and ice and they kept my feet warm and dry and I didn’t have any trouble keeping my footing at all.

Carla Torres says:

You’re annoying. Millennial. England. Originate in England. I was wearing these before you were born…

Shenelle Taylor says:

That’s the one I wanted and my shoe size is between a 7 and 8 so I’m glad I came across the video. Keep up the great work !

Koehli _ says:

i bought one size too big and went back and returned them for a size smaller. it was a dilemma but i am glad i got the smaller ones. i was so so so torn as well when making my purchase.

MyLumoLife says:

The music at the end is really loud! The boots look great on you! 🙂

Athena Malfoy says:

Also wear thicker socks when you’re breaking them in. It will help your feet not blister. Doc Martens sells socks as well

Forest Doughty says:

you can still buy original Docs (vintage) for a hefty price.High quality. at 200$

Michelle Seguin says:

Great video!

Sean Valentine says:

Love the Masters Top!

Leah Chen says:

I love your glasses, where did you buy them?

Alan Heath says:

Also dr marten made in England are very expensive to a pair made in China or other country.I bought a new pair for 40 pounds of ebay so shop around.Your foot will hurt blister bleed till broken in.People buy new then wont go through pain so sell after a while.So buy cheap as you might decide pain not worth it?

Natasha h says:

I got my first pair nearly two years ago and I still get extremely terrible blisters and bleeding whenever I wear them…I cant wear them any longer than an hour or I literally have to take them off or I cant walk. it sucks cause I love them so much and it took me so long to save up the money to get them and now they just sit in my room all the time

mopey says:

Dr Martens are great boots. As far as I know, they’re all still completely handmade (with machine assistance) in England.

These boots were designed for industrial workers who are always on their feet. I’m an industrial worker myself, and actually have my Docs on right now, while on break at my factory job. Lol.

With the design intent in mind, they run large because roomy boots are more comfortable after long wear. Tight fitting athletic shoes can cause blistering on the sides of your feet after consecutive 12 and 16 hour shifts. Docs are very unlikely to do that because of the amount of space they incorporate. My size 12s (US, male) fit more like 12.5’s, or maybe 12 wides. This might throw off first time buyers.

The soles are a soft rubber (pvc, I think) and gives your step a little bounce. This is to help ease pain from standing on hard wood or concrete shop floors. I say they work very well. These boots are easy to stand in for long events, like music festivals and things like that.

The inside heel of the boots, in my experience, can be a bit rough until they’re broken in. The entire sole is flat, so until it begins to take the shape of your foot a little bit and round out, it can be weird. Almost like the impact from walking is more pronounced at your heel. Once they break in, though, this stops and they’re very comfortable.

Great video, by the way.

vanessa s says:

If you laced them up correctly your feet and ankles would probably be wrecked lol I think it helps that you dont lace them up all the way.

estelle wedgwood says:

when you are breaking them in, remember to condition them!!

Brianna S says:

Love docs. Just ordered a pair of heels… I’m nervous cause I also always like to buy in store but I was so tempted! I say go with the size that fits looser than fitted I was upset about my first pair being loose at size 7 as I Ionged for 6.5… but man were they uncomfortable and it would’ve been worse if I couldn’t gone down half a size lol I wear mine all the time! Once broken in they are they comfiest shoes ever. The shriver hi is my everyday boot and Ive owned pair of Pascal’s for 7 years. Loooove them

Laura Seymour says:

They are slip resistant in oil but not ice. I wonder if the vegan leather would be easier to break in. A few years back they had the model Drench that was matte rubber, like a rain boot, in this cut and they were awesome! No break in time needed!

mr sloth says:

Two things i noticed is that The first time the blisters are real! But otherwise yes they are a bit stiff in the beginning and depending on if you want the front shape to stay round or not will determine the front stiffness

Sune Pedersen says:

For breaking them in, i personally feel that it is better to lace them almost all the way up, and pretty thight as well 🙂

Alex Sanchez says:

Got a pair for Christmas as a gift worked fine for about 1 month! Broke due to a defect and the docs store refused to replace them!

Nancy Hui says:

Lol don’t listen to me, Martens originated from England (Not Germany)!! Thanks Sam!

Macy House says:

I’ve had mine since 7th grade and I’m a college freshman now! My most comfortable shoes ever!

Gary Nicholson says:

I am 52 been wearing doc’s since age 11
You need to wear two pairs of socks when you get them and be warned only ware them around the house for an hour or two when you first get them.
After that progress slowly when you get them creased up and the leather is softened your good to go. It takes time to work them in great boots, soft ,comfortable and will last year’s.

Ashley Nicole says:

Is she Australian? I hear a slight accent

Jessy says:

Journeys has them for $140 but i have also seen them at Rack Room for $90 so if u want to save money

justsomeguytoyou says:

I have a pair of 1460’s that I bought in the mid 80’s, made in England. They look amazing, but they are far and away the most uncomfortable shoes/boots I have ever worn. There really is no padding or contour to the soles whatsoever…they might as well be filled with concrete

maggy tito says:

Dr Martens NEED to be broken in, many people buy them and end up thinking they’re terrible shoes. Don’t give up. Once you break them in they are the most comfortable boots that last for a really long time. I know people who have had the same pair for 20+ years with almost every day wear.

I love mine and I seriously wear them all the time. I wear a size 10 women’s and I get a 9. I think the US women’s size is off. So I always buy shoes in men’s, which I wear an 8.

Dr. Tech says:

Wear a sock that is one inch or more taller than the boot, this solves your chafing problem. This is not a heavy boot, if you think so, try a heavy duty hiking boot, then see what you think of the weight.

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