So I kinda made it rain on ASOS, Zara, and Revolve so I decided to do a try-on haul! Tons of cute Fall clothes and boots

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Products Featured

Pull&bear zip front hoodie (Purple) – http://bit.ly/2Oh9UiG 
Khaki Stretch-y Pants – http://bit.ly/2yuPLLq
Lee Shorts – http://bit.ly/2yHr12P
Petite Denim Pants – http://bit.ly/2OjjiSV
White Petite Button Up Shirt – http://bit.ly/2yxxexY
Oversize White Button Up Shirt – http://bit.ly/2OhaXPE
Black Satin Blouse – http://bit.ly/2yyuOz7
Black Sweater – http://bit.ly/2yxqDDU
Chunky Lace Boot – http://bit.ly/2OjkcyN
Leopard Two Piece Blazer – http://bit.ly/2OlRU6X
Raincoat – http://bit.ly/2OiT4jq
Black Vinyl Shirt – http://bit.ly/2yzFrSj
Black Patent Boots – http://bit.ly/2Olm4qL

Guns & Roses T-Shirt – http://bit.ly/2yyQjjz
Pink Leather Skirt – http://bit.ly/2ytGh2Q
Girlfriend Denim Jeans – http://bit.ly/2OoXsxG
Nike Air force Ones – http://bit.ly/2yyqYWP
Camo Track Pants – http://bit.ly/2yyPLdr
Black Bootie – http://bit.ly/2Oi0B29

Plaid Top – https://goo.gl/nPFFzM
High Heeled Leather Boots (Camel) – https://goo.gl/nxoruo
Leather Ankle Boots – https://goo.gl/cvyuWT
Tuxedo Jacket – https://goo.gl/GZ8M3F
White Mule Shoes – https://goo.gl/Q3DZj6
Tweed Mini Skirt – https://goo.gl/heTW6m
Jogger Cigarette Pants – https://goo.gl/gUipuZ
Cigarette Pants With Stripe – https://goo.gl/pVStWC
Black Leather Skirt – https://goo.gl/FZXKXN
Black Belted Dress – https://goo.gl/sLL46F
Burgundy Leather Boots – https://goo.gl/c6PJVj

FTC: This video is not sponsored. *some links included are referral links. If you choose to use my link to purchase that item I receive a commission. Feel free to search the product on your own and not use my link!*


Amanda Plilar says:

The plaid shirt is super cute!

Nairi Keshishian says:

Katy try some American Eagle jeans! I promise they wont let you down ! The best jeans ive ever tried

Raven Freeman says:

I loved this so much lol

The King Kurls says:

Katy, you really need to try H & M jeans! I found the jeans randomly after moving cross country and forgot all my jeans back home lol… It was random but best thing that’s happened in my closet for a very long time…

So I am a petite too, I have some curves, and H&M’s 19.99 jeans are bomb AF. I wear a pair every Friday for casual Friday and any time I drink beer. (Hides the beer bloat really well) obsessed! Try those jeans!

rozanalh says:

I really liked this video. Great to know im not the only one trying so much on and it REALLY not working lol

Jessica Blackburn says:

I want that purple zip sweater SO bad but I don’t know if they are ever gonna restock it

Bibianna Marie says:

“Idk! Take me somewhere John!!” lol I’m dying that’s what I say.

Brenda Flores says:

Awesome vid, love the black blazer and boots from zara

camila ro says:

open house outfit made you look like a lesbian lol

Clarissa Briseno says:

Where was the white shirt that she tried on with the leather skirt from??

SuperMaro29 says:

oh my… could you tell me where the shirt you are wearing at 9:50 is from??… I need a white shirt with a high neckline HELP ME!!! 😀

fareha hassan says:

bro why was this video so funnyyy

HAUTE Style&HairXpektations says:

Love the grey jeans and Zara blazer on you. The camo pant is parfait (perfect) as well as the printed blazer but sorry girl, that vinyl piece and the other synthetic (polyester, etc.) ones are sooo not environmentally friendly. They should have never been made!

Stephanie LaGesse says:

Great video! I had a good laugh.

Lynn Ly says:

Giving me some business casual vibes aka work outfit inspo for me

Victoria Morales says:

it would be really fun if in the cards you had little polls where we could vote on items and outfits too. you dont have to listen to us lmao but you could see how all our styles could compare (like for me the black on camo with the combat boots was one of my fav looks)

Kiana Downing says:

For jeans you should look in the petite section of ASOS. I’m 5’2″ and get my jeans from there, you can pick the waist and length and all my jeans from here have fit me perfectly. I hate when skinny jeans bunch at the bottom and I hate cuffing them too. I prefer my jeans to hit me a bit above my ankle or right at my ankle and with ASOS I’ve had no trouble so far.

cristina roverso says:

Omg I am dying…I fuckin love you. MORE TRY ONS CAUSE YOURE HILARIOUS

negina negin says:

You actually made me laugh so much throughout this video. This is literally me trying on new clothes.

Madison J says:

Why is that me! I’m either looking like a hobo or looking like a sequin thot

NinaTheBeatleBug says:

The plaid shirt, black leather pencil maybe? Probably same boots.

manehbag says:

Pencil skirt length is actually elongating on you. Maybe it’s the angle but it Def makes u look taller. Past the knee and high waist can give the illusion of longer legs since it’s so much fabric/material for the eye to see. Let’s say vs a mini.

Francesca Fox says:

My favorite thing is when girls try on clothes and look stunning, but say the funniest commentary. I LOVE this, please do this often. “They look like feet with no toes”

spcmn smn says:

Nor the red yellow, or the camel boots pleaseeeee, do t its not interesting! is a bad Drug, hungover trip to the polyester not fitted 70, pleaseeeee!!! 2 do not kepeeeeem

Angel Jenny says:

love love this video <3

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