In today’s video, I wanted to compare boots in different price ranges, in particular the Stuart Weitzman iconic Over The Knee boots with dupes in various price ranges that I found were comparable. Some of these cheap dupe boots were much better than others. How much would you spend on Over The Knee boots?

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Stuart Weitzman “Hiline” OTB $798
Sam Edelman “Kent” OTB $189.99
Steve Madden “Gorgeous” OTB $99.95
Unisa “Saromi” OTB $79.99
A New Day (Target) “Penelope” $44.99
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LuxBodega says:

Great Video Review!! May we share it on our FaceBook page to our group? We are a luxury shoe rental site and we love sharing helpful information. Yes, seeing the glue on the Stuart Weitzman is a bit sad but they are not Balenciaga’s or Balmain’s so at the $700 range, not too bad.

Tonya Pendleton says:

This was great thank you! Also loving your nightstands/lamps combo!

Oski Haddad says:

The dress looks great on you

alicedotkay says:

Such a detailed review! I’ve been eyeing the Stuart W shoes for years now, but have always contemplated whether I should get a cheaper dupe instead. The glue issue bummed me out, but wow… the quality difference is solid compared to the others. Gonna start saving~

Athina Con says:

I like the way these boots look on people and I want to buy a pair but I live in the UK and its winter and cold at the moment so I cannot imagine wearing them without tights!… I tried them with tights in the shop but they keep falling down. So I did not buy them… Any ideas on how I can stop this happening?

Zhongyun Gu says:

For those who saying that the $800 boots are too pricey, I would say it’s because you never tried them yourself. I have 2 pair of Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots, and I think they are soooooo worth the price. I used to bought Sam Elderman and Ivanka Trump boots as dupes, and only wore for one year and throw away when the next winter came. But for the SW boots, I could wear for at least 5 years with good care, and they do give my legs a better shape ( and so comfortable) I could walk all day in these boots.

K.C and Gigi says:

I just watched your faux leather leggings video, and I noticed that you have the iphone 10, and here you have an older one. Congrats on the upgrade!

keepinitreal says:

Before any of you splurge $800 though I would ask yourself the question of how often do you honestly think you’ll wear them? If you know for a fact that you will consistently wear it throughout the season and YEARS to come, then it’s worth investing in good quality. If you’re buying it for a season cuz it’s the trend and you want to check them out and not sure how often you’ll wear them, then go with the cheapest version!

Themagpiecanfly says:

If a product is marked “rubber” that does not mean it is natural tree rubber. At that price point, it is definitely man-made rubber which is much more common on the market. Natural tree rubber is only used for very high-quality products. Most of the products labeled “rubber” are synthetic and are essentially just petroleum-based plastics.

dominique007 says:

How tall are you?

Suzanne Brasuell says:

You should have done a blind test!

Rebecca Sharpe says:

I have some pretty thick legs, I feel like the target might actually have a chance at fitting me! Yay! Thanks for the great review!

Thrift Chick says:

I think that that ankle dip on the Stuart Weitzman is “not good’.

It’s not a good look.

RedLadyBug says:

I’ve just bought some dark red knee high boots for £65 and I’m very happy!

Alexis Boyle says:

A Euro size 37 is a US 6.5–NOT a US 7.That’s why the Steve Madden boot did not gap at the heel in the fabric the way all of the others did.

Mira N says:

I really think that there are cute, but not practical enough for cold winter. I mean, how do you step with these outside without falling on ice? Even the higher prices had profiles that are practical non-existent. I do not think I could purchase the higher quality, even if I wanted to because I would be too afraid to ruin them by falling on my knees =(

R M says:

You can absolutely tell the Stuart weitzmans from the cheapos!! Especially in person! My are so luxe and I loooove them! You may have got a defective pair take them back and get a new pair!!!!!!#devilinthedetails

Sarah says:

The Steve Madden one looks nicest to me, and it’s good to see one that isn’t leather. I can see they won’t last as long due to the thin sole.

I would like if you included in your videos WHERE the garments are made, in addition to price and materials.

ccap3211 says:

You know rubber is man made right? You were complaining when he shoe was “made of something man made instead of rubber”.

Morgana Moonstone says:

Liked the look of the Steve Madden boots way better than the Stuart Weitzmans. I’m sure the quality doesn’t compare, but they are a far prettier boot. The heel is far more graceful and less clunky as well. Overall, the Madden boots just look better on.

Noelia Jaime says:

The stitching + the glue make for a durable shoe as oppossed to just glue.

victoria walker says:

Could you compare them to the Frye Kristen Harness Over the Knee Boot? would love to see how they compare. Thanks for the video

Meriana Uyang says:

Hi, you have IG?

Regina Clarke says:

I loved the video! My SW shoes are very comfortable! The way they fit around the foot make it very easy to walk around town all day! Living in NYC means tons of walking and often walking in flats and changing at your destination. You don’t have to do that with these shoes.

Denise R. says:

Although I can’t wear boots that go higher than my ankle because of my big calves, I liked the Stuart Weitzman, Target and Steve Madden. The disliked the heel on the Sam Edelman. I’m glad I’m not the only stickler about the glue showing. If I see glue, I’m not purchasing.

Eezu Lim says:

i love your dress! 😮

Aleyah Malone says:

I just learned that this shoe co existed

Mel S says:

How tall is she?

Anna Ariel says:

I think you found a grean niche doing this types of videos. Let us wanting more. Congrats!

Alexis DeVille says:

For $800.00 you could of gotten some Louboutins! Yours are nice, but they look a right to wear over jeans?

mindy li says:

great view, I will go for Steve. Madden! I had one sw 5050 already!

Xiomara Carreon says:

What size is your dress? I purchased the dress in two colors but I’m a little worried that it runs extremely large because of the style. Thanks! 🙂

Shanti Garin says:

The price of SW makes you and your wallet cry at first….but man,are they worth their price! I know they will last to the next season and the color makes them easy to wear.. The material is soft,hugs the leg beautifully and I love that you don’t have to go to change the tip of the heel because it comes in a good quality rubber..that’s another comfortable aspect of them for me,out of the box and ready to be worn!

Katy Adelson says:

I really like the Target ones for the price! Those are closer to my kind of a budget range, and they look pretty! But Target stopped selling my shoe size (5 to 5.5) a few years ago. The only sizes that fit me at Target come from the children’s section…and the quality is almost always very low in that section. :/ Maybe someday they’ll start selling smaller shoe sizes again. ^_^

Erin Clift says:

Loved your comparison! I went to target to see the cheaper priced ones and since im 5’9″ i was sadly disappointed. The boot went to my knee so that was so disappointing.

JessieBanana says:

I’m not a fan of the Hiline, the wider heel makes them look a bit too much like hooves. I’m glad I snagged the Highland on sale. I do agree about the wider rubber sole, that does make them a bit more resistant to wear. The Highlands don’t have that element. They are designed closer to the Sam Edelmans.

The Sam Edelmans don’t look less snug on camera though. The ankle fit actually looks a lot better than the Stuart’s, which makes sense since they have a zipper. The Stuart’s can only be so narrow through the ankle, since you still have to get your foot through it.

V Walsh says:

I used a gift card at DSW along with a Birthday discount and reward and picked up Lucky Brand over the knee suede boots. They are amazing, comfortable and are lower behind the knee so it makes them feel like a knee high boot. I feel I NEED this dress to go with them, but alas, single mama on a budget = no. just remember to use a high quality protectant for suede. I went with Frye and am very happy with it.

Happy Cosmos says:

These can be found for half price off retail on eBay. In fact plenty of nice brands are a lot cheaper on eBay no need to pay retail. In my opinion it’s a better investment for everyone to invest in high quality shoes because the cheaper brands support child labor and are made in horrible conditions (Pretty sure SW is main in Spain). In most cases in high end shoes the price is justified by cost of labor and materials (some brands are of course overpriced do your research). Plus the cheap materials add to the pollution to our environment (think of every cheap pair that’s thrown out every few seasons…… It just sits there in the landfill). While I understand that not everyone can afford designer boots, if you do your research you can find really good deals on resale websites like poshmark or eBay or other ones too. You are at the end of the day going to own that item for years not having it fall apart like a cheap fast-fashion item like Steve Madden, topshop etc. Plus the higher end items are not made in large quantities so you will get the quality that the cheap shoe will not have. Regards!

Wendy Mendoza says:

How tall are you? So I can picture myself in that boots , I love them but I’m a short girl.

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