So I always get a billion questions about where I get all my clothes – so here is the answer! I shop online at CHEAP ASS PLACES!!! (literally nothing I own is over $100) So here is a list of my few favs! ENJOY LOVEBUGS!!!


Insta/Snap/Twitter: @AmberScholl


Want My Look: code “XOAMBER” ( (CODE XOAMBER FOR $ OFF) (no code, but here are links to special deals on all the stuff I’m wearing in the video! xx)

Rose gold satin dress:
Rose gold bomber:
Black fluffy coat:

(There are 1,000’s more, but these are just my favs as of now! I’ll make more videos soon with more if you want, just ask!) xx

***this video is not sponsored, but some links are affiliates*** 🙂 xx


Alan Grimaldo says:

Gurl, you should be getting sponsored by those sites. Reach out to them. You never know.

Julia Graif says:

Iron your clothes, why are all of them wrinkled lmfaoooo.

JuniperBronze says:

Can you do a video on how you do your laundry? especially with all the different fabrics? thank you xx

pooja agarwal says:

its not cheap 30 dollar means 1800 rs in indian currency

Savanna Van Der Oest says:

heeii amber i found such cute shoes on lolashoetique but i live n Holland and the shipping is 60 euro`s and that’s around 69 dollar so so you have a idea or solution.

zineta suljic says:

Can you put the link to the fur jacket off aliexpress ?

Celeste Duijsens says:

wait.. did she just showed her password??

raghad nh says:

أمبر this is how’s your name written in Arabic not the one that you have shown in the necklace

krystal smith says:

“cheap” like wtf this is not fucking cheap this shit is expensive learn what cheap means (BIMBO)

Lorallan Hushbeck says:

pls do an aliexpress haul

Paige crawford says:

i absolutely love your style

paddyTheIrish cobxxx says:

OMG were did you get your choker

MelodicCrescent says:

Do not buy from missguided! I really wish this video hadn’t encouraged me to buy from them… their sizes are completely messed up and the return slip they were supposed to send did come with the package. If you guys want more horror stories from that website look up reviews on google (I wish I had ) 🙁

Chateau Sharee says:

keep your heels high and your standards higher Shop

Mia MANTON says:

I found a cheap app it’s called “Wish”you can get really cheap clothes, shoes, rings, chockers, any thing( there having a sale right now, almost everything is free but you still have to pay shipping which is like $2.00-$4.00) have fun!!

Ms. Laughing Jacklin says:

check out spree picky

Rosanna Girguis says:

the doest say your name in Arabic

Miranda Yeakel says:

The clothes prices are pretty nice, but the she’s are pretty cheap for how cute they all are.

Taryn Cole says:

You say you’re broke but the thing is if you buy so much it’s just like buying less of more expensive things. Especially when you say you own 5 pairs of the same boots in different colours, that’s $250 dollars on shoes that are all the same

Rachel Wilper says:

What company do you work for because they clearly have great pay. Amber, I’m pretty sure you have a different definition of cheap.

Serianna Poulin says:

You put your password for your phone on the video

Julia Yankow says:

When she said $25 for a shirt was SO cheap I was boiiii. It’s not

TheDolly089 says:

Thanks for sharing!!

Baddiexx1997 says:

Can we all agree Fashion Nova has definitely gotten more expensive!?!

Dausha says:

Aliexpress is bae


fuck you

Watermeløn Plays says:

i want your clothes xD <3

Ggy Ggj says:

Guys I have a favorite shopping website. it’s CHEAP Not her “cheap” (I love her so no offense okay?) you can get so many things for sale for UNDER 5$ like $2.50 or $1.34 it’s amazing. Please check it out if you want. It’s really worth it

Caroline Coburn says:

Where did you get the olive green dress in your thumbnail

Phey Hernandez says:

I shop at lola shoetique and if you walk in instead of online they always have deals. I literally walk out with bags of shoes because they were $6. Even my thigh highs were $13

Hadia Drame Tine says:

FashionNova cheap??????? Really?

Keyziahah Long says:

When you buy clothes that are in style y’all would realize that $30+ isn’t expensive when it comes to clothes. I’ve spent $150 at Forever 21 and only came home with less than 10 items. Yeah Forever 21 is cheap but not everything in that store is under $10. And it’s foolish to think that anything over $10 isn’t cheap because it is.

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