Waqas Akb says:

Looking cool

priya Darshanie says:

I love all the outfits

Karl Magee says:

6 is so sexy

zaira_ misty C7 says:

she surely looks like a btch

Nae Hinton says:

where did you cop that dress?

Andrew Gilbert says:

Dam ur sexy as hell

Hoa Kinz says:

sorry! Can I ask you how tall you are?

Honestly Jordy says:

I got those same fur slides at shoe show for only 5 bucks

Allan Wright says:

Nice outfits with boots miss alex

dorianoscarwilde says:

Nice make up.. Except the nose hughlight.. Too golden

tatata baba says:

you can get it from here with a low price and good quality

xv lv says:

This is the video that inspired me to buy a quality leather jacket from nordstrom. I started wearing bodysuits with high waisted jeans, and I bought the PLT stone boots. Everything looks so good together. Thank you Miss Alex 🙂

Just Moi says:

Does anyone know anything about house of smooch swimwear I think they are a totally scam, can someone please let me know!!!

GachaGamerJelly 6 says:

Tomorrow I’m buying a pair of heeled ankle boots!! I’m 11 lolz I’ve been wanting a pair for like FOREVER!!!

Phoebe Bradley says:

Can you do a room tour

Chantelle Westlock says:

sh’coint lol

ミリゅゅ says:


Queen Karmah says:

this look is everything

Fay Fay says:

where is the link gor the shoes?

De'Asia Parchment says:

I like their shoes but I can’t wear them they run small and I have big feet. Size 10 run like a 9

altovise14 says:

Looking at your gap, makes me want mine back.You’re GORGEOUS huntea!

Oomie Says says:

Is English your first language ? (:

Lindsay Tr says:

Her confidence is the prettiest thing.

Mr. Fair says:

My favorite part of the video is you being in it. A queen in my eyes

LittleBanana says:

I love the first heels ! Could you please post the link to purchase them?

AveenosLOL says:

Do you have wide feet ?

zaira_ misty C7 says:

outfit 6: nagjeans paka?
lloooolll hi mga bisaya

sarah logan says:

i liked the 2 not the last though

RawChell84 Taylor says:

Issa QUEEn

Jarimar Santiago says:

very pretty outfits

Faye Lake says:

u have amazing ideas

Shannon Moffitt says:

Link to the lace up thigh highs?

e b says:

suede stretches so no need to exchange

Tadeusz Kolarz says:

Wow sexy sexi pozdro z Polski Poland

Alexis Bell says:

Your hands and feet can swell a lot in the summer. I know I had to buy some shoes in a size up just for comfort

Miss Toya Motivated S says:

Very cute

Nursing School Made Easy says:

ive always been hesitant about buying shoes online but this helps so much

La'Tree MsMorrow says:

Link in what bio??

Rudy Durrel says:

Good music

Ashley Everything says:

No link in the bio 🙁

Jalessa Bragg says:

I legit love your gap! Your smile is so pretty.
I brought those glitter ✨ slides
And your hair looks great

Tadeusz Kolarz says:


mrs shelly says:

Trick guys if your shoes tight heat them up with blow dryer and put on i stretched a 5 1/2 to a 6 1/2 it works

iAm MadMaxs says:

I love the studded heels

blueberrygrape says:

You’re so pretty! I love your outfits too

Roxanne Pata says:

I’m not a fan of too much riped jeans. Also, I wouldn’t like to wear so thight over the knee boots. It just look like this is too skinny for her. (I’m not mean, this is just what I see)

Shezus Nice says:

Gur does better be real Timbos or in the trash they go

Kennethia Vines says:

I love your style boo…Keep slaying

md psp dwk says:

what is the size of your leather jacket?

Sedrick Chappell says:

“$mell $ome Feets”

Mohammod Nahid says:

Whats your five black shoes name please

Fruzsina Ersek says:

your voice is so relaxing i just love it❤️

pearl luvuno says:

Still the best youtuber ever! The way you’re so bubbly it feels like I know you personally. Love you Babes

Wigz & Tingz - Samore Love says:

Those sliders are hot

black flower says:

Haaa I’m scared. I’ve never ordered off fashion nova shoes so I was scared when they come in they will be too small. I’m a size 8 but I got a size 8.5. Everyone in the comments is saying you should size up in heels always…I didn’t know that i only own 1 pair of actual hells. The ones I ordered are boot hells so I hope I’m good ugh

Family Wisher says:


Bleach AF says:

Your annoying af

Kenny Cox says:

You look amazing in all tour outfits. I must say over the knee boots always look sexy. However I dont like the look of over the knee boots with jeans.

Yolanda Davis says:

If you dont put the links in your description box. Lol

Highheellady92 says:

nice outfits 😉

CharleneAfrik says:

I can’t shop anymore lol up until December lol

Rocio Moran says:

Hi I am a new subscriber I really like your boots elastic over the knee boots but I can’t find it on the page ☹️ could you help

zaira_ misty C7 says:

bugok mani nga. its all about the boots paired with an outfit, not ur body nor ur face, btch

Audrey Watson says:

I like you, but I just hear leather this and leather that and I just can’t keep watching, you should think about the pain you’re putting on animals by wearing their skin, it’s their skin, not yours. Fake leather and suede is just as stylish without the cruelty.

Jenny JC says:

Yasssss Shhhlaaayyyyy hunny lol

RawChell84 Taylor says:

Tay links plz…studded blk heels. Can’t find

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