Polar Bear says:

They could be handy for changing light bulbs.

Chand Ali says:

Shoes looking cheap dnt like

Payel Biswas says:

Marna h kya

Pooja Kapila says:

Breaking bones heels….

Juan Soria says:

You are extremely pretty and sweet

Gamze Hışır says:


لؤا عرب says:

اني أحب أحذية عالية بس.موهيك

Miss Toya Motivated S says:

Very cute

Rasha Wehby says:

Imagine that you are a nurse.having cardiac arrest.and wearing such heel.omg.what a funny cartoon.

RawChell84 Taylor says:

Issa QUEEn

Арина Никитина says:

Я бы не встала

Zainab Jamshaid says:

You are very pretty

dorianoscarwilde says:

Nice make up.. Except the nose hughlight.. Too golden

e b says:

suede stretches so no need to exchange

Wigz & Tingz - Samore Love says:

Those sliders are hot

Ali mrem says:


Queen Karmah says:

this look is everything

Maria Fotiou says:

XF 204315+68940219!!!!

محمد صالح says:

بكام وفين لوسمحتى

La'Tree MsMorrow says:

Link in what bio??

Huong Nguyen says:


ayesha Malik says:


Mohamed Tinafer says:

What is this

Mahgi Wisepni says:

Ohhh kaki kiri dulu ya bagusnya

elainee morla says:

Yo beo qk t parte una pata D hay aRiva

Honestly Jordy says:

I got those same fur slides at shoe show for only 5 bucks

Chantelle Westlock says:

sh’coint lol

Zarzie Zarziz says:


Saad Porson says:


Soniya Gorsi says:

Gir Mat Jaiyo

Amira Imane says:

لوكان نلبسو الفردة 1 توصلني لسبيطار و 2 توصلني للمقبرة

Hajar Draoui says:


LittleBanana says:

I love the first heels ! Could you please post the link to purchase them?

Alexis Bell says:

Your hands and feet can swell a lot in the summer. I know I had to buy some shoes in a size up just for comfort

توته ستارز says:

اكو عرب بالطياره

Yolanda Davis says:

If you dont put the links in your description box. Lol

Kouki Kouki says:

الي عربي لايك

Shannon Moffitt says:

Link to the lace up thigh highs?

المجهوله79 says:

تقو دباب

Tayeb Berrouane says:


De'Asia Parchment says:

I like their shoes but I can’t wear them they run small and I have big feet. Size 10 run like a 9

مقدذ سكينة says:

صافي كملة الباهي صنع شي عجب خور ويلي البصتو كولو تهرست من ظهري

altovise14 says:

Looking at your gap, makes me want mine back.You’re GORGEOUS huntea!

mrs shelly says:

Trick guys if your shoes tight heat them up with blow dryer and put on i stretched a 5 1/2 to a 6 1/2 it works

Asif İsgenderov says:

cox pis ayakkabi

sozo khan says:


AveenosLOL says:

Do you have wide feet ?

Jalessa Bragg says:

I legit love your gap! Your smile is so pretty.
I brought those glitter ✨ slides
And your hair looks great

Sedrick Chappell says:

“$mell $ome Feets”

Jenny JC says:

Yasssss Shhhlaaayyyyy hunny lol

Nae Hinton says:

where did you cop that dress?

Oomie Says says:

Is English your first language ? (:

Sarah Prince says:

Aw I just came across your channel, I go to Salisbury❤️ ! Ok Eastern Shoreeeee , and i also do videos lol. But what are the name of the diamond slides?

Ashley Everything says:

No link in the bio 🙁

Kennethia Vines says:

I love your style boo…Keep slaying

pearl luvuno says:

Still the best youtuber ever! The way you’re so bubbly it feels like I know you personally. Love you Babes

Just Moi says:

Does anyone know anything about house of smooch swimwear I think they are a totally scam, can someone please let me know!!!

Rubyxoxo Javier says:

Do they run big or small ?

Nursing School Made Easy says:

ive always been hesitant about buying shoes online but this helps so much

black flower says:

Haaa I’m scared. I’ve never ordered off fashion nova shoes so I was scared when they come in they will be too small. I’m a size 8 but I got a size 8.5. Everyone in the comments is saying you should size up in heels always…I didn’t know that i only own 1 pair of actual hells. The ones I ordered are boot hells so I hope I’m good ugh

RawChell84 Taylor says:

Tay links plz…studded blk heels. Can’t find

iAm MadMaxs says:

I love the studded heels

Fay Fay says:

where is the link gor the shoes?

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