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This is a review on Pump Heels Fashion Style Guidance.

Hey Guys,

Welcome to City Soles TV. I’m your host Scott Starbuck. And, we’re talking about different styles of shoes that are out in the market place; what everyone is aware of what the styling is, and, today’s episode is about the Classic Pump. Classic Pump are typically no straps, no buckles, no buttons; just a simple slip-on slipper if, you will. This is a Baby Doll Pump with a Kitten Heel and, this is a little more of a spiky pump with a pointy toe and, a spiky pump up here. Let’s bring Rachel out here and, let’s take a look at a Classic Pump on a foot. These are Classic Pump. I love this color, these pop off, these are great. Classic Pump –what did we say, they’re ah –this is the Polly Pocket shoes; this is exactly what looks like the little Polly Pocket shoes. Classic Pump, Baby Doll toe and, turn to the side, I love the little kitten heel. These are comfortable and, feminine and, sassy but, you can wear Kitten Heel all day long. Kitten Heels are low, little spiky heels and, give you something that you can run around in, as opposed to, a high heeled, Classic Pump that, is great but, you’re not gonna be able to wear that longer that often but, there’s some that can do it, I know they can.

Anyway, so, Classic Pump and, the story is told here at, City Soles and at, citysoles.com.

So, remember, if your going to kick ass, you might need some kick ass pumps. Thanks!

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Anyway, remember, always wear cool shoes…Thanks!

This was a review on Pump Heels Fashion Style Guidance.


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