How to Make Walking in Heels Comfortable! 5 Easy Tips!

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Dr Rana Rana says:

how come everyone has the same yellow scissors my mom also has them 🙂 says:

Great tips! Can we also suggest Sizers if you suffer from heel slippage or you’re just after the perfect fit!

Tresma Kaym says:

Does it worked for the toes too? When I use a high heels my toes always swell.

Andrea Howard says:

Blend your eyeshadow

citticat2 says:

All these devices probably work great but they take up room in your shoe so you might have to buy at least a half size bigger.

Imane Bou Saboun says:

Thank you so much for your great advice, lovely! ❤ This is by far the most complete video I’ve watched on this topic.

Sharon Calhoun says:

Also I just found what I call toe plugs. They’re just a boomerang shaped piece of foam rubber covered in a satin type of fabric. Especially for a high heel with pointy toe. Position inside toe box of shoe.

Lourdes baby says:

Those silicone heel liners are hopeless!!!Never stick!! USEFUL TIP:the ball of foot cushion should be put in ONLY when the shoe starts to hurt,& you will then feel the benefits more.

Melissa Jinks says:

Another great hack is wearing ShoeBandz over your heels. They look cute and keep your feet anchored to your shoe, so you don’t have to worry about heel slippage. I use shoe inserts/cushions, but my heels still tend to stretch out eventually. Wearing cushions and ShoeBandz are the ultimate combo for all-day comfort. Definitely worth checking out!

ann l says:

Wearing heels aren’t a ergonomically correct for your feet any ways, your not supposed to put so much weight on that part 9f the foot.

Janet Rodgers says:

Excellent advice and tips. Thank you…..

Lenok V says:

I usually have problem in my middle of my feet i have deeper curve and its not touches shoe on the middle and after waking its make my feet like i have cramp do you have any suggests for me.

Raluca Dudescu says:

Smart girl! Ty 🙂

Alexandria Harper says:

I bought some heel liners and like I honestly have to say… my feet feel ONE HUNDRED PERCENT better !!

EducateMe says:

Thank you for that helpful information, I appreciate it!!

Ja Bow says:

Agree with ya all that shoemakers should be providing comfort built into the shoe. I speak as someone who hobbles in high heels after 3 minutes but owns a miraculous pair of Clarks high heels that feel like wearing slippers, so I know it can be done.

Rachel Demain says:

Wear flatties!!, More comfortable!! My feet hurt just looking at those shoes!

santosh dubey says:


Blazing Fire says:

My problem with heels is two fold. My knees first off don’t like heels and another and the biggest reason is that I tend to end up putting more weight on the ball of my foot and the inside of the shoe will slide to the ball of the foot. I have tried different size heels and I can’t get them to to work for me.

Samantha The Queen of Racing says:

So good tips. I love heels.

jill morris says:


Strawberry 1 says:

Thank you!

Mari Boo says:

You’re so adorable! I love all of these! Subscribed!

funitude says:

your not 9 years old

glorialucia says:

This is really great advice… I’m going to test some of these for my Louboutin So Kates… I really want to try to make them work in my wardrobe 🙂

Rylan Barry says:

I did a 5k today with no problems in any way; which is simply outstanding considering a few weeks ago I can hardly take a walk. If you run and jog like me, then you must try plantar fasciitis solution “remrem fetching space” (Google it).

Lulu L says:

Very clear and helpful!!

Shaun Gilbert Acorda says:

Thank you.

Justine H says:

You’re so cute!

Kathryn Carter says:

Talk to a podiatrist! The higher the heel the more damage you do to your back. You may sneak by for a bit when you’re young,but age will make the pain sneak upon you.Also I’m amazed due to all the focus of being natural these days. This is one serious unnatural insane practice.

Linda Goffigan says:

$5.00 is not inexpensive for heel inserts in my opinion.

liza542 says:

Great video thanks

Whitney Shepherd says:

Right after seeking assistance from several doctors and podiatrists, the pain sensation that made me stressed out and light headed still have not stopped. Finally, right after sticking to plantar fasciitis treatment “remrem fetching space” (Google it) vigilantly, and I feel like a completely different individual. This program works wonderful things!

Wendy Donaldson says:

Wear flats or kitty heels

virginie domkem says:

what about not wearing heels?

Sara Diaz says:

Great video 10/10

JordanTheFlag says:

How to Make Walking in Heels Comfortable!

Step 1: Don’t Wear Heels
Step 2: Be Comfortable

Dwuna Henton says:

I agree with you on the tips. I didn’t know about the strips! I love that tip!. I usually get the full shoe inserts and the gel ones for the ball of your toes at the dollar tree.

Lourdes baby says:

Those silicone heel liners are hopeless!!!Never stick!!

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