Well here is the real tea on fashionnova, I’ve seen it everywhere I had to know for myself…what do you think?


Arii Diaz says:

Idk why ya complaining about them. I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience every time I order from them. I’ve only had one issue with them, and they resolved it in a few days. And those of you saying they don’t give refunds are weird cause they gave me a refund on a gift card and then I asked them to put it on my card and they immediately did it. And a semi issue I had, the processing took long (9 days) but it was because of the holiday season and high demand. But they sent me my stuff and gave me a coupon with automatic free shipping.

Nikki Kate says:

Your great, I watched one vid and subscribed straight away haha

Cansu Köktürk says:

your hair is gorgeous

Orhume Baror says:

Fashion nova is the worst place to go. Patrica not only was my products all bad but the time it took to be delivered was like 4 weeks

Raquel g. says:

The clothes look bad in real life thanks for ur video omg there bad in on website they looked good but since you showed it it looks like shit

Orhume Baror says:

I am so disappointed at the service

Lauren ortiz says:

25% off your first order from fashion nova the hottest clothes i have ever worn !!!

Makaila K says:

Can you do a video about ThreadUp?

Bella Mays says:

No one’s body is like that. That coke bottle shape is plastic surgery.

jlammetje says:

That leaf-y blue/green romper thingy (around 8:30) is beautiful! I’d put a bikini or swimsuit underneath, just to keep my nipples covered 😛

Twyla Denise says:

I’m hella late lol but i just found your page (which I love btw). I went to fashionova store in LA about a year and a half ago and their jeans did not fit me well. I’m shapely (but natural and not as shapely as the women on their website) and I have a decent sized butt. They completely mashed my butt in. Wasn’t a good look. I was definitely expecting and hoping for different considering how everyone else with a shape similar to mine looks in them.

Taydra says:

Fashion Nova is the most overrated clothing store. It promotes very unrealistic body expectations and carries stuff you can easily find at Forever 21 or Rainbow for less. I suggest stores like Yesstyle.

Kay Candelario says:

This is why I’ll stick buying stuffs from H&M and Forever21 and boohoo and express. FASHION NOVA is a joke

love4ever says:

Do fashion nova Jeans make your bum look more flattering for all body types. Because I am quite slim. But I have a booty.

Rebekka Schmalz says:

“The crotch just kind of, WOOP” LOL. So happy I found you’re channel I subscribed!

Z zaza says:

Can u do a review on the app SHEIN please

Orhume Baror says:

Sorry fashion nova rant

CaidenPower says:

Thank for being honest!!! I was just about to order from fashion nova, but something told me to check for legit reviews first.

JazzyJazzJazz jc1234 says:

Hi I have been trying to get a cheap app with good clothing and your reviews are amazing and I know how it feels like to have long arms and I have to live by a dress code and my shorts have to be long so it really sucks

Jillian Gilday says:

“I don’t know who goes out in crop tops and leggings” literally my dress up, dress down, and lounge wear

민윤기 says:

The shape of a tooth?

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