DIY Louboutin Heels – DIY Red Bottoms! (NOT SPRAY PAINTED 😷) EASY, CHEAP, FABULOUS | Kimbyrleigha

DON’T USE SPRAY PAINT!! Make your own Red Bottom Louboutin Heels with this quick, EASY and CHEAP AS HELL METHOD! I do it to all my older heels to repurpose them and make them fabulous again! This is a great way to take a boring or older pair of heels and transform them into something new and fun!

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OMG DIY Louboutins!! I love making things myself and saving money so I can spend it on OTHER fabulous things! I moved to CA from FL 4 years ago with only $200 in cash and NO job! Needless to say I had to learn a lot of life hacks and this video shows you one of my favorite Shoe Hacks! I show you how to make Louboutin Inspired Red Bottom Heels! It’s cheap and easy! Don’t use spray paint! It stinks, it’s toxic and it’s a pain in the ass! This is the BEST method and the most realistic one!

DIY Louboutin Nail Video:
DIY Louboutin Sole Refresh/Repair:

What You’ll Need

1. Angelus Walk on Red Heel Paint Amazon:
or cheaper on their website:

2. Angelus Acrylic Finisher on Amazon: or cheaper on their website:

3. A (coarse grit) Nail File (if you’re a girl or into glam you have one!)

4. Old or New Heels of your choice!

If you need a brush this is a cheap/good one:

I found this method a couple years ago and it’s the easiest way to get make DIY Louboutin Heels! Red bottom heels are always in style but who can afford the real thing?! Not this #CheapB*TCH! Follow along as I show you how to make Louboutin shoes for a fraction of the price! These are my favorite DIY heels that I have made to date! I hope you enjoy!


Filming Equipment:
1. Final Cut Pro X:
2. Canon T5i:
3. Light Kit:
4. Microphone:

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Aliyah Cathey says:

They look so professional. College student so this tutorial is a blessing. Thank you!

joe_is_yah_girl.13 says:

One of my friends did this and she used a clear nail polish for the shine and it made it like really fresh and new looking and she did like 5 cotes and she’s says it makes it like scratch resistant

Cynthia Maddox says:

Awesome diy!!! Ppl are so angry not knowing that some of the ones they purchase aren’t authentic either especially if it’s not bought from a real store and you can tell by the comments who bought them off of someone that they know who sells them. Rock on girl!!! Keep them diy’s coming

John Leonardi says:

Jumping around webpages I came across this web site and it reminded me of this video and saw this quote “My sketches were not reproduced exactly as I had designed them and I couldn’t figure out why. The two dimensional sketch was so powerful on paper, but when turned into a three-dimensional object, it was somehow lacking energy. Frustrated after having tried different things to liven up the design, I spontaneously grabbed my assistant’s red nail polish and painted the sole. I instantly knew that this would be a success!”
So nail polish is what you need to use.

CherryGirl Jo says:

All these people making negative comments don’t have that many subscribers

Aw H says:

how long dose the paint take to dry??

Mary Walker says:

People please stop hating because the company that originally do red bottom they do the exact same thing and charge you over a grand or more so kill the noise she doing a great Job thanks for sharing

Comment says:

I’m not even gonna do it tbh. It was just satisfying to watch

joe_is_yah_girl.13 says:

One of my friends did this and she used a clear nail polish for the shine and it made it like really fresh and new looking and she did like 5 cotes and she’s says it makes it like scratch resistant

Samara Raphael says:

Honeyyy… Its ‘Louis Vuitton’!

Leila Mai says:

omg i thought the right were real lol

Jazz Daylor says:


Gma pennie says:

WOW love it. Johna look!

Forever Queening Ms.Sparkle says:

Omg I had my first 2 pair 15 yrs ago believe no one was really into them but, that are the absolutely most painful pair of heels I was always told you get what you paid for so I thought that I would feel like I’m walking of clouds. Those shoes damn near made me curse at chruch.. And men say the exact things as well. I cringe and man mug those evils but, So Kate’s.Such beautiful / sexy heels ever. You did an excellent job on these here come all my questions I’m sorry right now ……….How long does it take to dry? How many coats use? How many pair can be use for heels with the jar roughly ? I wonder can I put some type of Dr. Scholls Real ones . Unfortunately , any closed toe shoes are the devil for me .sneakers and all It’s very difficult to for me. I wear 2 pair of socks on and slides in live in Texas so it doesn’t get extremely cold . Does anyone else have that problem they fit perfect. However the very top of my toes short toe depressed on top of your toe?

Michele says:


Nicole says:

Great ideas thank you very much

Sherry Davis says:

Yes I want to the nail polish technique

June Movies says:

Your shoes look great!!! Thank you so much!

Gabe Petro says:

Omg so creative. That turned out beautifully.

idcjake10 says:

Maybe a coat of resin will work better for the shine on the red soles? I’d suggest (with any leather shoe) to apply leather finisher then after add a shiner, buffing it out with a horsehair brush. Will really make the shoes pop

Danny L says:

Gifts for your side chick lol.

gomer229 says:

She’s smart and creative fuck paying that kind of money for a pair shoes

Platonic Purple Panda says:

One way to keep the paint still bright red and not get dirt is to use those clear shiny sticker sheets thing over it. Kinda like what you use to protect your phone screen. Just cut it to shape where the part of the bottom of the heel always hits the floor.

Jojo Will says:

Dear dummies
People do this exact same thing to repair real ones so what’s the damn difference…..your only pay big money for leather and a name…I’m pretty sure her heels are leather and who gives a fuck about Christian….do half y’all even knows what he looks like

Ellington Thomas says:

It’s not a Ferrari it’s a Fiero!

cbtyra says:

Great video, so glad to see people come up with these great money saving DIY projects. Kudos to all the classy, love to save money lady’s out there!

BlackVenom says:

I can’t believe you did this and I also can’t believe that I’m about to do the same!:D

dilan kocyilmaz says:

Watching Diy’s even though you can afford them

Aliysha Rose says:

I’m so confused… if you have the real ones, why waste time making some?

GoAway says:

These is red bottoms these is bloody shoes.

Lashanti Brown says:

I want red bottoms omg I’m so sad

HeyThere says:

If you can’t afford red bottoms you can’t afford bottoms to paint cheap heels out of desperation is ridiculous dork

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