Comfortable High heels & Insoles Talk

So much beauty, so much pain… let’s get real about high heel shoes – what to look for when buying them and how to make them for comfortable with different types of insoles. Share it and enjoy!

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sreypichja says:

So informative and helpful!!! Thank you so much!

Sheri Maple says:

Thanks for this video. Great information and getting some heel grips because the rubbing in the back is one of the worst things of wearing shoes heels or flats.

kelley lau says:

Thank you for the tips! Do you ever need to size up to allow for the insoles? Also, any tips on how to make shoes smaller if the are too loose in general but tight in the toe box?

Mai1Lovely says:

Really helpful! I’ve been finding myself buying heels only if they have an ankle strap so they don’t flip-flop around, but will have to try a back insert or different heel design and see if that helps–thanks!

Yoga Fitness Dublin/Dun Laoghaire says:

Great advice!!

Sandy W says:

loved this! so helpful 🙂

E. says:

Can you attach the products? I love your videos!!

GirlLovesGloss says:

Totally found this video helpful Gerry! I am a total newb at wearing heels, because my feet are so ridiculously tiny, I struggle to find pairs that give support and balance. Definitely will be using that heel placement tip!

Angela Guardian says:

Very helpful. Looking forward to more of your videos!

Asnxmiduhyo5 says:

This video was so helpful! You are fantastic, thank you!

fantamas06 says:

Oh, yea, I saw many girls walking on high heels pretending they look elegant, but they look ridiculously flimsy… If you can’t walk in high heels, why do you buy?

maya dollete says:

Thank you

bench joseph says:

i had to laugh . hahahah

VIPShirlee03 says:

thank you for this vid

isobel64 says:

Thanks. syill dont understand the arch curve to look for. wasnt explained really with the shoe you held. dont high heels all have arch curves?

The Viet Vegan says:

I was wearing a pair of 2 inch booties walking around Toronto (because I’m a fool), and those narrow Dr Scholls saved me! I’ll look into those inserts for my boots 🙂 Great video!!

Suzanne Campbell says:

Thank you lots.

dryedroses16 says:

@pbunniep I am wondering which brand and type of the first pair of shoes you showed. They look amazing and most of all comfortable too!

Sole Bliss says: – elegant shoes for bunions, finally!

buzz06 says:

love it. Now i need to make me an insoles box before i go window shopping for heels.

butitssummerma says:

I’ve been splurging on heels like crazy. I found that lifestrides are the most comfortable! And affordable!

Martha says:

What is the model and brand of your example shoes? Thanks !

AB L says:

Could you tell me what the shoe style is? I would like to buy them

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