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Andy Dawn says:

As a minimalist, having one pair of shoes function as two is awesome

steamcastle says:

There was an episode of Ally McBeal where (and I had to look this up ) John gives Nelle a pair of high heeled shoes, where he can make the heels retract via remote control. (it was season 3 episode 10)

Elite says:

Honestly, kitten heels only look good on middle or old aged ladies.

Mandy Berry says:

I love love love this idea! I like the styles too, mostly because they are classic and minimalist. I am not crazy about the hanging heel, though.

Shasha D says:

I LOVE your retractable heels series. When I was younger it was my dream to own them but my mother did not allow heels for me until I was eighteen, and by then heels were no longer to my taste. might have to buy a pair as I really like this style (yes, even the drawstring) Thank you for sharing Lucy!

Ann Genaske says:

I’m a size 4 so it’s unlikely they have my size. Also, I have a really high arch and I’m not sure the kitten heel option would be comfortable. I didn’t know this was such a big industry! Thank you for this series!

werelemur1138 says:

Sounds like a great idea for a long day: when your feet need a break, just switch to the low-heel setting.

Style Composer says:

This is such a good idea! I wish that mainstream brands did this because like you said, there isn’t much in current styles.

Kitty says:

They look like shoes you would buy if you wanted high heels but with the option of lowering the height at the end of a long day.

Donna Stevens says:

What a great invention a very clever idea i know id go out and buy these thanks lucy another fab idea Donna x

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