Brittney reviews her DVS sneakers, Adidas, ballet flats, boots and heels

Brittney reviews her DVS sneakers, Adidas, ballet flats, boots and heels.


kirk 11385 says:

Can u sale me your flats I what all

Ginette Richer says:

Et oui ces encore moi je trippe sur tes adidas superstard et tes belles gandes bottes brune je veux que tu me frappe dans face avec a grand coups de pieds dans face

Scott Houle says:

What size does she wear?

Liam Patrick says:

what brand is the second pair of black flats

Neville Robertson says:

Cool, needs some cute and romanticly smelly barefeet been shown.
Those black boots are super hot. Shows off the shape of the foot nicely.
And I notice no sexlife dating ring either, sweet.

Ginette Richer says:

Allo brittney moi ces mario tu es une belle fille je trippe sur tes running shoes je veux avoir la face a place de ta plache jaimerais que tu me pile dans face que tu pietinne ma face que tu me saute dans face les deux pieds dans face que tu me donne des bon coups de pieds dans face laisse moi la trace de tes running shoes dan face au plaisir

drjoephd says:

Ok. How do you book a shoot.?

Shane Tsosie says:

I want her flats.

Charley Chan says:

Flip flop collection and strappy sandals. Open Toed Shoes, etc.

jesse365 says:

Are the matte black flats still available?

Oliver Freeston says:

Please could Brittney do some sandal or flip flop reviews? Thanks

Terrance Shider says:

Love it

Joey Gant says:

Please film their solles 🙁

Christophe Pecis says:

the stiletto are the best

FK googlleee says:

please show your soles. the inscriptions and views will increase significantly Thanks!!!

Charley Chan says:

So cute

shoeplaylover says:

Ive given you my email so how do I book a shoot with her and Amy or others

rommel rommel says:

its about the feet not shoes

Dennis Wood says:

Nice skate shoes and Adidas

Douglas Anthony says:

I would like to see more of her heels collection please

Brent Morton says:

Please keep on posting more videos of them

carmadstephen33 says:

Plz do a video of you revving a car in your black ballet flats you have lovely feet hope you will do this

mauelcaballero says:

What size is she?

smartypants8080 says:

Request:I really want you to tell Brittney that I’d like to see close-up views and shots
at her feet in shiny red (or any other color) patent leather boots or in real shiny black
sneakers,please!I would really appreciate it!

madison holly says:

yay Brittney is back who’s with me

José García says:

Meke one hendjoop

Roulada Diggers says:

More barefeet of Brittany please shes stunning

tightun says:

Good video, pretty lady. I’d love to see Brittney model her black boots for us…. put them on her bare feet…model them…. and take them off. Thanks

Albert Mesa says:

Brittney must wear more ballet flats video. Amazing ankles too. Black flats the best. A Goddess Brittney Is

Shoe Swappers Anonymous says:

Didn’t she say she was on TV?

hurtsmesogood says:

the flats would be great for smelling or face and neck walking

steve wurzbacher says:

Beautiful Britney. Love your soles!

David Charles says:

alguma menina pra mim lamber os seus pezinhos???

alan doyle says:

Very sexy black boots

dmoppins1980 says:

Hey, I was just wondering what the brand name of the black patent leather flats Brittney was showing off.

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