Barbie Style Flats to Heels Double Doll Review

Barbie Style Flats to Heels Double Doll Review! Check out our other Barbie Week videos!

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Rosemary Richardson says:

i wish Barbie had darker eye makeup

enrico santos says:

After your review iam planning to buy her! Love!loved the articulation.

Sketch McScribbles says:

The Fasionista doll you reviewed was not Grace. Grace has a new Fashionista doll that is showing on the Barbie collector website now. Grace and all of the so in style dolls share the same face mold Mbili. Those dolls just had different skin tones and makeup. The Mbili face sculpt was used for Byron Lars designer dolls. The Fashionista you reviewed has a slimmer nose than Grace and has a darker skin tone. It may be using a Barbie Basics head mold but I’m not sure. Note: the new Grace dolls do have different makeup than the original one the So In Style line. (But so do all of the dolls in the latest Style line. That is why Teresa looks like Summer to you. Even the Mattel shop made that typo too! Teresa usually wears hippie chic clothing but Summer wears more sporty outfits. That is how I can tell the difference. )

Hanna Lee says:


Dawn Fenner says:

Hey doll circle there are three new style Barbies with flat to heel feet with jacket all is with black flats differently get those

Dreambro1 says:

Articulated, that is the word for the new Barbie body. jointed hollow legs rather than the rubber heavier ones.

Leticia Duarte says:


MyDollWorld says:

Teresa has brown hair

Final Fantasy says:

I miss Teresa from 1990s.

Maleficent Barbie says:

They are nice but I don’t know I don’t like them. They look very boring like you said in the other video

Idisliketurkey meep says:

Their faces are exactly the same

Emily Nagel says:


tati Britto says:

Eu tenho a Barbie do colar de lacinho e saia listrada!

tofasten888 says:

I’m very concerned about the quality of the articulated dolls;  I want my dolls to be
sturdy, for travel etc., thank you!

Scarlett Crypt says:

Interesting thing I found out from playing around with the new heels to flats Barbies, is that they can wear the classic Barbie pumps from the 80s and 90s as well as the Model Muse Barbie shoes.

Brianna Burton says:

Well you can’t get everything you want now can you

OddShelf says:

I remember Think Pink! The Beyond Pink Teresa was one of my favorite Barbies when I was a kid, though didn’t they have some weird thing where if you moved their legs their heads turned or something? I remember she had some reflex thing that bugged me.

I love the heels to flats concept, but it does look a little funky in some of the shoes. I just really like that they’re making more articulated Barbies that aren’t only sports-related.

Jennifer Cych says:

I’m going to get one of them lol

ira martinez says:

does raquelle have the same hair texture because im planning to get her?

Kelly Alves says:

it comes with support?

DaenerysGOT18 says:

I completely agree that the new style baronies aren’t up to par with the older ones. The old ones just looked better and had really detailed clothing. I also think I’m the only one who doesn’t like the new Barbie face she looks like a 14 tear old lol.

Doll planet29 says:

my sister’s favorite is the pink jeans doll and mine is the black and white striped skirt one because we have them

Helen AKA Thedollyworlduniverse says:

I wish all the dolls would have this option!! Totally articulated and able to wear flats and heels!!!

Dreambro1 says:

I have noticed that Mattel has been reassigning names to many old face molds and given old names to new face molds and tones.

Charlie SB says:


keybladegirl1993 says:

Wasn’t Think Pink the song from the Beyond Pink cassette tape. >w> Other wise I love the outfit these Barbies come with, I can’t wait to get some from my collection!

Doll planet29 says:

if you brush their hair then they will be fine because it happened with me too and i brushed their hair then they were so silky and felt natural

Karla Aide says:

the White Scott and black

amanogirl1 says:

I like these dolls, hopefully I will get one tomorrow.

Christinas toys says:

I love Heels 🙂 Pretty Dolls

Yo Nivanz says:

The light plastic thing is just cheapness… articulations had nothing to do with it

Bri Skinner says:

any ways if you wash the gel out you’ll find the hair to be super smooth!

Bianca Brown says:

When you were talking about how different Teresa looked I think you might’ve been thinking about the 90’s Teresa head mold( the head mold that was used on dolls like Hollywood hair Teresa) that Mattel discontinued a few years ago. That style of face sometimes appears every once in awhile on a collection doll, the last time I saw it on a play line doll was on a version of a Barbie basics doll ( the dolls that came in little black dresses or black shirts and jeans and had separately sold accessory packs of shoes, purses and bracelets). The mold that Teresa uses now originally had the name “Summer” until Mattel discontinued the Teresa mold and adopted “Summer’s” head as the play line Teresa’s new head. Hope this helps. Love your videos.

Bri Skinner says:

that’s weird because I have the one with the black jacket and she didn’t come with any gel in her hair

Margaret Ann & Dolls says:

The flat to heel option is so cool! I wish more dolls would have this option. I really like that these dolls are fully articulated. If I was a little girl who wants to play with dolls, I would be very satisfied with these Barbies. I hope they will make more collector dolls that are fully articulated. Thank you for making this video! 🙂

ira martinez says:

i have the one one with the skirt and im not happy with the hair texture it really feels super PLASTICKY haha

Maleficent Barbie says:

Their faces are not that pretty. Omg I miss the 90’s so much

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