Let’s try some very glam shoes from wish.com!!
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Idea Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muEWFv1yoj4


Kari Forson says:

Velvet is a fuzzy man made fiber where as suede is leather thay is processed to be soft and fuzzy. :3

JiminBTS_Trash says:

Don’t worry about the the thigh high boots, I don’t even fill mine in.

Kaitlyn Isabelle says:

U should buy “extra” clothing from wish to match with ur shoes

Letícia Roberta says:

50% de desconto na primeira compra —-> mlmvlbd

Kansas Gilleo says:

I liked the second slippers and the knee high boots..look like something that i could wear all day and the last shoe but maybe not as high..you did great tho..nice!!

Fernanda Becerra says:

I love your videos so much! Legit look forward to your vids lmao. you should a wedding dress haul !

Ashlyn Snyder says:

“At the bottom they look kind of messy” have you seen the shoe….?

Slender Kid says:

The runners/sneakers are actually called creepers

Sudha Singh says:

Club factory prom dresses….

leftmein8 says:

I surprisingly really appreciate the “MY nude” in the description of the first shoes… Nice Vid

Ronel's World says:

I have the same grey boots from Wish and I love them. I always go one size smaller when buying open toe shoes. Great video!! ❤️

Hailey M says:

Could you try clothes from rainbow? I’ve seen posts saying it’s the cheaper version of fashion nova but I’ve never tried anything from there before!

SlimGoodie TheGreat says:

Yass for the pretty purple polish on your feet lol

CandeR says:


Victoria Taylor says:

So funny and pretty

Lynn Lynn says:

Love you hauls I would love to try those cheap sites but the sizing throws me off. So if you’re a size 6 then a size 37 on the site would be about right? As for clothing what size do u normal get and how tall are you or what’s your regular western size? Thanks in advance

Dream Morris says:

lol high boots

half straight says:

nobody’s gonna credit Annalise Wood? cool.

Carolina Matos says:

please try jjshouse <3

FoxyWhite says:

Girl did you unzip those shoes or just rip on the laces? Because you were supposed to unzip them, gently loosen the lases, and THEN put them on. I have similar shoes, just much shorter, and that’s what you do with them.

Marissa Owen says:

Mia! You should replace the straps on the strappy ones with black ribbon! Just sayin

JustJade xx says:

Watching this vid for 1:04 rn and already subscribed

RyanKun Official says:

The lace up ones are zip up hence you broke them

Tia Broom says:


Sandy Salgado says:



Cupcakevamp says:

The only shoes I got on Wish were those cute bow flip flops that I think everyone has seen on that site/ app by now. Those, and those kind of flat rubber flip flops with the fake fur on the top. I guess they don’t really count as full blown shoes, but they are surprisingly durable and fit me fine. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to buy actual shoe shoes because I feel like sandals/ flip flops are kind of forgiving in the size department. Maybe I sound silly? Awesome vid though dear! You are really pretty!

Brianna Fullerton says:

So glad I found your channel!!

Loryn Ashlei says:

these are all ugly but you’re very gorgeous

Kaitlyn Kuhn says:

Do you buy everything for your videos with your own money?


I know wish is bad and all of that, but I do like your videos. You’re so spontaneous and that makes you funny, happy and pleasant to watch. Keep up with the haul videos. Hugs!!

Brian James says:

Hello subscribe to my channel Brian James MUA

Nancy's Love For Make-Up Nancy Baeken says:

I have the same size so which ones don’t you like??? It’s my birthday soon !!!

Kayleigh Viegas says:

The 5 is in U.S. sizing

pranchezka says:

u look like maria ozawa

Faith Foster says:

Hi Mia!! I recently came across a site called http://www.mercierfashion.com and ALL of their stuff is free right now!I was wondering if I should try and buy clothes off of there but I would love to know for sure if it is a scam or not. Please try it out:)

Francesca Patania says:

Could you do a wish haul where we give you the items we’d like to see u try

melanie zirixa says:

You should try some of wish’s electronics….

li mandy says:

Your lip color is great! What’s the brand and color?

Black Holo Witch says:

The five was just the US size we have like 1 to 13 or something like that for adults

Striving and Surviving Hayes says:

Love the shoes

GL Rubion says:

On the strappy heels: “But the concept is cute” awwww you always have something nice to say, Mia <3 <3

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