In todays video, I attempt another Wish haul, except this time I only buy high heels! It gets interesting…

♡Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud and Twitter – @annaliseewood

♡ I buy the cheapest thing on Burberry – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBwc6Ls2JTs&t=25s
♡ A very EXTRA Wish haul – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEuLu-eSQgg&t=482s
♡ A very EXTRA Aliexpress haul – https://youtu.be/Ik2HiAAi-pM

Links to heels
Pink Heels – https://www.wish.com/c/59ace23a787e7b252695318a
Rhinestone heels – https://www.wish.com/c/5a7a8d0ec4791877197d37bc
Black heels (what they were meant to be) – https://www.wish.com/c/5a1e12c9647e1f04587fc505
Gold heels (my fave) – https://www.wish.com/c/5a7184261b3a827b023a0136

Music – https://soundcloud.com/femaleproducer-icy/glamorous-1

I love youuuu!! All 26,861 of you!!


Nancy's Love For Make-Up Nancy Baeken says:

O and red bottoms, just a coat or two with black or which color you want of nailpolish and bam, solved xoxo
You never have to send anything back to Wish sellers plus if you send a close up picture of that glue mark you’ll get your money back for the pink ones too !!!

Rachel Lee says:

All I heard was the squelch of plastic lol

Amy Arias says:

Is it just me or does she look like laurdiy

S B says:

The pink one are way to big

Ishmum Oroni says:

What’s ur shoe size !

Karen Ramirez says:

On the glitter shoes you could spray the with hair spray and the glitter won’t fall off

Ally Dawn says:

Put a sock on blow dry the pink ones it will help

Maddydancer 2000 says:

She is so un grateful with the 3 pair of shoes like there’s probably someone out there that would love to have those pare of shoes there from wish u can’t expect them to be the world best they aren’t from like Gucci or some place like that like so ungrateful

Annalise Wood says:

UPDATE – Wish gave me a refund for the snake skins shoes! I didn’t even have to send them back!

prittygal169 says:

If you message the with a pic about the damage the will refund you

pineapple. me says:

I always got the wrong thing from wish!

I'm adopted, but says:

You ain’t a princess you are more like the evil step sister and you are fucking ugly so do the world a favour and kill your self. Xxxxx

TheGothbbw says:

Not to sound creepy ,but you’re feet are GORGEOUS ❤

Sarita Maria says:

The pink shoes look huge on you

Viss Miller says:

wish is pretty good about refunds. you should definitely message them about the 3 pair.

Maya Dragic says:

About the glitter comming off.. try some hairspray on them and wont fall off so much.. lasts longer

Ebony Wilson says:

Where did you get that Paris suite case in the back it’s wonderful

Saundra D says:

Paint the bottoms black

Ed Shade says:

Gurl they sold u drag queen heels

Amanda Song says:

Your like Lauren DIY’s twin but with blond hair!!!!! Anyone else think this ?

Alexia & Hannnah Boss Asf says:

9:51 Just return them

Nongi Tutavake says:

even the dare one is uncomfortable

Nick Fernando says:

Next time you try on shoes or at least heels can you do it on hard floor¿

bre1232 says:

girl you need to go through reviews and comments on items you get, and if there are no reviews or comments, then don’t risk it and get them. I do that for every single item I get and I have not been failed

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